Kitten-Proofing Your Home

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Welcoming a kitten into your home is bound to be exciting for both your family and your new pet. Since kittens are inclined to be curious, however, you’ll want to prepare your space in order to keep your pet safe and your belongings free from damage. Before you adopt a new pet, follow these five steps (there’s probably many more!) for kitten-proofing your home.

Rehome Houseplants

You may love houseplants and flowers, but that doesn’t mean your kitten will. In fact, some plants that seem completely innocuous to your family could prove poisonous to a curious kitten that just wants to play with everything it encounters. Before mixing pets and plants, check to make sure you’ve chosen cat-friendly greenery. Even if your plants won’t harm your kitty, try to place flower pots and vases out of your cat’s reach.

Tidy Up Cables and Cords

Cables can be tripping hazards for your family, and they can look like playthings and chew toys to your kitten. To prevent your kitten from chewing through a cable and receiving an electrical shock, keep them bundled neatly or use cable covers.

Don’t forget to tidy up cords for blinds and curtains, too. Tie them up far out of your kitten’s reach to prevent an accident. We always leave our blinds up a little too, so Cole & Marmalade can look out the window and won’t have to destroy the actual blinds themselves to do so!

Lock Up Medications and Cleaning Supplies

Kittens are naturally curious, which means they won’t hesitate to explore just about anything you’ve left out in the open. If you frequently place medication bottles out in the open or leave cleaning supplies within reach, make a point of locking them away in a cupboard. In doing so, you’ll prevent spills and damage while keeping your pet from ingesting harmful substances.

Keep Doors and Windows Closed

Kittens don’t yet have the sense of danger or the ability to land on their feet that older cats develop. That’s why it’s especially important to keep windows closed or to make sure screens are intact when welcoming a kitten into your home. Make a point of closing doors that lead to rooms with breakable objects and important heirlooms, and keep closets tightly shut to prevent your cat from chewing your shoes or clawing your clothing.

Take Your Cleaning Routine Up a Notch

Both young kittens and older cats love playing with objects in your home, and that may include attempting to eat anything they find. Since even small items, including rubber bands, ribbons, and plastic bags, can present choking hazards, it’s important to keep them out of your cat’s reach. Make a point of sweeping and vacuuming floors and checking behind furniture for small items on a regular basis.

As you tidy up, take care to remove or rinse away any cleaning supplies you use. Since cats tend to be attracted to faucets, you’ll want to make sure your bathroom and kitchen sinks are always free from toxic substances and potentially harmful objects.

No matter how excited you are to bring home your new kitty, take the time to prepare your home first. Follow these steps to kitten-proof your home and keep your pet happy and healthy in its new space.

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