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  • new grumpy cat

    The World Has A New Grumpy Cat, And She’s Grumpier Than Ever

    We all mourned when the Internet’s most famous cat passed away in May 2019. Tardar Sauce, better known by Grumpy Cat, inspired smiles with her adorably grumpy nature and an endless stream of memes. No cat could ever replace that Internet legend, but we’ve recently been introduced to another feline with star potential. Her name […] More

  • Fluffy Therapy Cat Spreads Joy Everywhere He Goes

    Thanks to a renewed emphasis on mental health, it’s not uncommon to see animals roaming the halls of hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities. Healthcare professionals agree that our best furry friends can play an integral part in overall well-being. For the most part, dogs take the spotlight when it comes to therapy animals. Canines, […] More

  • neutered

    Exhausted Cat Needs Glucose Drip After Mating With 5 Females In One Night

    We at Cole & Marmalade are always advocates of spaying and neutering our feline friends. There are simply too many homeless cats and kittens in the world to risk having an unplanned litter. We think about the big picture in terms of overfilled shelters, and there are also the other consequences of not having a […] More