The World Has A New Grumpy Cat, And She’s Grumpier Than Ever

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We all mourned when the Internet’s most famous cat passed away in May 2019. Tardar Sauce, better known by Grumpy Cat, inspired smiles with her adorably grumpy nature and an endless stream of memes. No cat could ever replace that Internet legend, but we’ve recently been introduced to another feline with star potential. Her name is Meow Meow, and she’s on her way to being the new Grumpy Cat. 

Instagram / the_cat_named_meowmeow

Hailing from Taiwan, Meow Meow’s mom, Clare, took in the cat when she was 10 months old. Clare says that Meow Meow’s undeniably grumpy face comes from the “batman” mask across her eyes. She looks at the world with perpetual disgust no matter what she’s actually feeling inside. 

Meow Meow’s face always makes her look like she’s about to yell at you for being on her lawn, but Clare says she’s actually a sweet and affectionate cat. She wakes up her human with a gentle massage every morning and enjoys a good cuddle. Like her late grumpy predecessor, she’s a master at concealing positive emotions behind a mask of utter disdain.

Instagram / the_cat_named_meowmeow

Now that Meow Meow has made her viral debut, original Grumpy Cat fans can’t help but see the similarities . Both the new Grumpy Cat and the original are gloriously fluffy and have downturned lips that give them a constant scowl. Their big eyes are also slightly hooded making them look either bored or enraged. 


imgur / siro0913

Some people are saying that the new Grumpy Cat is an even grumpier version of the original. Meow Meow has definitely perfected her permanent scowl. She pulls off the look while maintaining her irrefutable elegance and poise. 

While the spirit of the original Grumpy Cat has lived on through her memes and merchandise, we like to think that she’s happy to pass the baton onto her successor. It’s too early to tell whether this new Grumpy Cat will have her own long-lasting Internet fame, but no matter what she does, we can be sure she won’t be happy about it.

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