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WITH UPDATE: Blaze, Kitten Rescued From Wildfire, Adopted By Her Original Hero Fireman!

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One day, one of those loving souls may just blaze their way into your heart!

That was one of the last lines of the previous story I was lucky enough to cover about a sweet kitten found burned in a California wildfire. She was only about 5 weeks old and weighed a feathery pound when pulled from the fire. It had begun near Sherman Oaks in the Sepulveda Basin, eventually burning about 20 acres.

Blaze had been brought to the The Little Angels Project when round the clock care was needed.

She had burns on more than 40% of her body. And singed grey and white hair covered the shaking kitten. Yet with all the pain she must have been in, she wanted nothing more than to be held. 

Although you can’t tell, Blaze is a long haired kitten but the burns have singed her fur down to almost nothing!

But with their care and love, she soon began to heal. Even better, a fundraiser begun for her, had reached it’s $3,000 goal to cover her medical costs.

Blaze was literally able to be a carefree kitten for the first time. She had humans to care for her, food in her belly and a roof over her head. That had not happened to her before. So the fosters and staff at the rescue pledged that they would stop at nothing to find the perfect home for her. 

However, they didn’t have to look to far.

Blaze had crossed paths with her human-to-be before! 

Her new adopter was none other than the fireman who originally had saved her during the chaos! (Pause for happy tears). The Little Angels Project shared the happy news on their social media just yesterday.

We are very happy to announce that Blaze, our burned kitten from the Sepulveda fire in September, has been adopted by the firefighter who initially found and saved her life!! We are crying many tears tonight and are so happy for her !! #adopt #fire #firefighters #cute #meowmeow #firefighter #littleangelsproject

Please be sure to follow The Little Angels Project online and support all the animals in their care. 

Photos courtesy of The Little Angels Project


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