Comedian Zoltan Kaszas’s Breakdown Of Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs.

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There are thousands of comedians in the world. Every topic has been explored for it’s comedic possibilities from a thousand different perspectives. We’ve ALL been around animals in one form or another through our lives. But there are just some people who retell their tales with a hilarity that draws others to them. Their side-splitting perspectives are just better displayed from the stage. And for comedian Zoltan Kaszas, 33, his daily antics with his cat have provided him with a truly unique view into the lives of animals.

However, Zoltan Kaszas’s standup routine of “Why Cat’s Are Better Than Dogs” has garnered MILLIONS of views on YouTube! 

The stand up routine is full of laughable moments with our favorite family pet. And Zoltan and his cat, Jessica, are at the center of the silliness. He explains that she was named this at the shelter, and it’s rude to change someone’s name…so he has a cat named Jessica. Shrug.

It hasn’t been an easy road for Kaszas to get here though. He likely should have started with felines as his focus! But now, his Instagram has over 16 thousand followers and this YouTube video alone has garnered millions of views.

August 10th 2006, Zoltan got on stage to perform stand-up comedy for the first time…He bombed. From that day forward he dedicated himself to perfecting his comedic art. Once he found his unique story telling style, his budding career was off and running. Performing in comedy festivals and winning comedy contests to working clubs and colleges, Zoltan was well on his way to stamping his name onto the national comedy scene.

But what is it about his act that is registering with people’s own experiences?

Are our cats and dogs all really so similar that we’ve all gone through what Zoltan’s family has?

Why is it funnier when it comes out of his mouth?!

I went from Jesus to GI Jane

And the topic of why cat’s are better than dogs has been touched on before. Yes, it’s biased and not actually scientifically proven. But those of us who are proudly claimed human servants to our feline overlords are finding our heads nodding in agreement during the act. What are these traits that fuel an almost hour long talk about cats? (Nothing difficult to do for cat lovers by the way!)

I’ve seen the YouTube video more than once now, and here are some of my favorite lines. And it’s not just me “appurroving him” because Zoltan also participated in a cat convention in Denver in late 2019. He’s even got his own cat themed shirt on his website! And when you are dating the founder of Meowingtons, cats are at the forefront of your life. 

In response to the question of why don’t you like dogs? He does by the way, he just says there’s an energy they bring that he doesn’t relate to. 

“You know that annoying dog, best friend in your face energy?”

But with cats, it’s different. 

Cat’s are more like “Hey, what are you up to?” Nevermind, I just remembered I don’t care. I’ll be in the kitchen.

“I don’t need a best friend at the house. I just need like an apathetic roommate, that sometimes wants to hang out.”

Here’s the full Zoltan Kaszas “Why Cat’s Are Better Than Dogs” YouTube Video for your viewing pleasure!

What’s YOUR favorite part? Anything you can relate to?  

Photos from @zoltancomedy


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