Feral Kitten Shielded His Brother From California Fires; Now They’re Ready To Find A Loving Furever Home…Together!

Phoenix and Ash

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As the Camp Fire raged through California, dozens of stories of animals rescued and their recoveries flooded the internet. 

Two kittens stood out among the rest, Phoenix (orange), and Ash (black). 

Photo courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

These brothers were found when rescuers were relocating horses from the charred farmland in Concow, California. 

They were spotted with an older cat, assumed to be their mother.

Mom fled and the babies hid, ironically, in an open wood burning stove. 

When rescuers approached the frightened kittens, something amazing and heartbreaking happened. 

The orange kitten threw himself over his brother to shield him from the humans! 

Photo courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

As a few individuals onsite mentioned leaving the cats there since they were unharmed, others thankfully refused. 

Photo courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

Finally able to pull the kittens out of the stove, they noticed a shocking difference between the two survivors.

The fur on the ginger kitty Phoenix had been singed, and he’d lost all his whiskers in the inferno. 

He also had burns on all 4 of his tiny paws. 

Photo courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

But little Ash was completely physically unharmed!

Photo Credit: Tiny Cat Photography and courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

Both were taken into the care of FieldHaven Feline Center, based in Lincoln, California. 

Dehydrated, they were given IV fluids and Phoenix’s burns were treated.

Doctors mentioned that the ginger hero may not have made it much longer if left in the elements.

During their first night in safety, each time someone neared the duo, Phoenix would throw himself over Ash!  

Photo courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

Seeing him do this repeatedly, it became clear that Ash had survived unscathed because of his protective brother. 

Phoenix had sacrificed his safety for that of his beloved sibling. 

Now, in the care of the rescue team, Phoenix could finally relax a bit and begin to heal himself.

Photo courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

As the kittens rested in safety, FieldHaven staff continued to search for an owner. 

“Our first priority is to ALWAYS reunite families. In fact, we reunited all cats that were in our emergency shelter except for one cat and a litter of kittens.”

Rescue workers were sure food and water were left for their elusive mother. 

Since they knew where the kittens were found, they were finally able to contact the homeowner. 

They’d been out of town when the fires ignited and informed them the trio of felines were ferals. 

The kittens would have no one coming for them; and they were surrendered to FieldHaven.

Photo Credit: Tiny Cat Photography and courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

Despite their feral beginning, they’ve quickly learned to trust the humans caring for them. 

Both have transformed into “loving purr balls”, as noted by one volunteer.

On November 23rd, Phoenix finally had the bandages removed from his healing paws. 

Photo Credit: Tiny Cat Photography and courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

And he promptly threw his loving arm back over his brother. 

The brothers couldn’t be more bonded and it’s heartwarming to see them together. 

Photo Credit: Tiny Cat Photography and courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

Now, as of just this morning….the pair are officially up for adoption! 

With all they’ve been through, FieldHaven is taking every precaution to find them a deserving home. 

Since the tale of the tiny survivors has gone viral, FieldHaven are using a different approach with Phoenix and Ash. 

Photo Credit: Tiny Cat Photography and courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

With many potential adopters expressing interest, they have instituted the following guidelines. 

  1. Applications will be accepted from 8am Friday, December 7th until 5pm on Monday, December 10th.

  2. The kittens will only be adopted together.

  3. The forever family must live in Northern California.

  4. Write a short essay on why you believe you are the best forever family for Phoenix and Ash.

  5. Include the following information in your email: full name, address, phone number, email, number and ages of humans in the home, any additional pets with ages in the home.

Applicants should email the essay and other required information to cat@fieldhaven.com.

Photo Credit: Tiny Cat Photography and courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

We are sure the volunteers and FieldHaven workers that have fallen in love with the brothers, will have their best interest at heart. 

Their short lives as ferals have been one of unknown hardships.

They’ve overcome the life-threatening fires that decimated thousands of acres of California.

And yet the two remain by each others side. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these gorgeous kitties.

Photo Credit: Tiny Cat Photography and courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

It’s sure to be one where they’ll be in a loving home. Filled with people that cherish them and keep them safe. 

Thank you to FieldHaven, the rescuers, emergency responders and everyone involved in battling the deadly fires in California.


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Photo Credit: Tiny Cat Photography and courtesy of FieldHaven Feline Center

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  1. Thank you for posting about the boys. Watching them transition from filthy, hurt, hissy, growly, scared babies into healing, loving, purring, attention seeking kittens has been a truly remarkable experience. It is one of the many positive stories to come out of my time with FieldHaven, especially during the fire.

  2. If no worthy families are found in Northern California, I would love to take them in. I have 5 kitties already- all are either bottle babies, relinquished or rescued and range in age from 11 years to 3 years. I am a registered veterinary technician and all my kitties are indoor only. All play with each other, and get a lot of love!

  3. God I wish there was a way for me to adopt them. I know my dad experiences as a firefighter, I just feel drawn to them. I live near buffalo NY. If there is a way,please message me 💕🐾

    • I’m betting there are lots of needy cats near you that need a loving home too! <3 Maybe a senior cat that's been through a rough life? =)

  4. What a sweet story. Those 2 deserve only the best home possible, especially Phoenix for saving his brother. I know that the shelter will make sure that they are adopted by the right people.

  5. As long as a person has a licensed vet giving a reference they shouldnt have a closed border adoption policy, there are lots of people who would be happy to give a furr baby a home, just my opinion….

  6. Gorgeous sweetheart kitties. What a hero Phoenix is to sacrifice his safety to ensure Ash’s life. I just LOVE this story. I wish the very best for them. So glad they will stay together. That’s why I love cats so much. Totally dedicated to the ones they love.

  7. Wish they had included in requirements for adoption that they MUST be indoor cats only. They have endured enough hardships outside on their own.

  8. Such a sweet story! Could you please post if they have been adopted and if they will have a Twitter or an Instagram account?

  9. I love this story but feel bad for the mom. She must be desperate to find her babies. I hope somebody will find her and take her in to a loving home.

  10. Such a sweet story. I have been the adopted mom of two feral kitties who are amazing cats now. What ever happened with their mother?

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