Crate FULL Of 9 Cats Left On Shelter Doorstep With No Info

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Sadly, it happens all the time. Shelter workers and volunteers arrive at the location in the morning, only to find abandoned animals waiting for them. It happens for any number of reasons…right or wrong! But the only thing right about these 9 cats left on the shelter doorstep this time, is that they were contained. 

Ideally, not all 9 cats left on the makeshift doorstep drop-off in ONE crate though. 

It was only yesterday morning, when the staff at the Ontario Feral Cat Project in Oregon found the abandoned animals. And it’s never an easy day at a shelter anyways. There are always too many animals and never enough food, funds or adopters. So to surprise a shelter with 9 new mouths to feed and care for is never easy to deal with.

But at least these 9 cats weren’t simply tossed out on the streets. That we can be thankful for! 

This morning these 9 kitties were left on our doorstep!!!
We realize people get frustrated when we aren’t able to take kitties in, but we always give other options…. believe us it’s frustrating to us too!! We want to help every kitty, but we just can’t take them all in, we have limited room, limited money and limited volunteers.
The most infuriating thing is that these felines don’t seem to be all that feral. If at all! Just terrified.

Because I don’t know about you, but if I were jammed into a crate on a doorstep with 8 others, I wouldn’t be this calm! 

And most of these cats seem to be quite friendly. With each other and surprisingly after their traumatic incarceration, to strangers. It actually raises a concerning question that one of their social media followers honed in on as well. 
These kitties look like not feral. Maybe someone is trapping people’s pets.
Hopefully if that is the case, the animals would be microchipped. But the shelter didn’t find any to connect them to anyone. 
Another poster on their page added her own thoughts. And they are EXACTLY the beliefs that need to be dispelled to avoid this in the future.
I agree with people who dumped these cats. If they have reached out for help, and could not get assistance anywhere, at least they contained them to a crate. So many judgmental people. I take care of other peoples damn cats that get dumped on us; and you know what, I have even reached out to OFCP, and pretty much was told too bad, piss off. So, frankly, not sympathetic to your plight with this crate of cats.
While her comment garnered “sad” and “angry” emoji reactions, one person explained just why she was mistaken. And it’s SO TRUE because I’ve not seen one rescue that has this overabundance of assistance!
The common idea about rescues is that the “rescue“ is an entity with endless financial resources, infinite foster homes, infinite financial resources for strays and privately owned cats alike and volunteers that are just sitting around 24/7 waiting to be needed. Stuff to think about.

The issue at hand though will be to get these 9 cats into safe and happy forever homes. 

Which led to a frantic rush and desperate pleas from the shelter to find foster homes for them all. Because when a shelter says they are full, believe them! No one wants to take all the animals and save them MORE than a rescuer. That’s why they do what they do. But the experienced ones know their limitations. And those limits are there for the CATS best interest, not the humans. 

They appear to be healthy, so hopefully we will be able to get them vetted and ready to find loving forever families soon, but our veterinarians are crazy busy too!!
People don’t always understand when we say we are totally full…these poor kitties have had to go into traps because we have absolutely no room for them. We are thankful the kitties were confined when dumped, yes they knew they would be taken care of with us, but this is not the way to get our help!! 
If it’s going to be a while before we can get them scheduled we will need fosters for them to make them feel safe and cared for. Do you have a spare room/bathroom or a heated garage that you could foster a kitty or two in?

They have begun fundraising since the costs of 9 cats is going to be significant for the rescue. 

This group of kitties will cost OFCP over $1,100 in vet bills, assuming they are all healthy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
While they are focusing on the sweet cats that need to be reassured all humans won’t just abandon them, the police have been notified. But the shelters camera system is currently only an inexpensive game camera triggered by movement. They have checked the recordings, but did not find any evidence. 
Which means that they will likely not find out who ILLEGALLY dumped these animals. And if people continue to think this is the best way to surrender animals, the world is in trouble. Yes, great they were contained. Yes, they were left at a shelter. But they were still abandoned. And with stray and feral cat populations reproducing unchecked, there are MILLIONS of animals that this happens to, IF they are lucky.
So help do your part by sharing their plight, educating others on the true outcome for these animals. Volunteer at your local shelter, donate funds if you can, but know your time is valuable to the cats as well. 
Because all they need is a loving soul to bring them in off the doorstep, welcoming them into their hearts. 
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