Kitten Named Blaze Pulled From L.A. Wildfire Wants Nothing More Than Someone To Hold Her

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Every year, the wildfires in California bring untold devastation and loss. Families lose all their worldly possessions, and for some, much more. Dry conditions, searing heat and sadly, ignorant humans are usually the cause behind the destruction. And the flames come barreling at you faster than you can react. Now imagine the animals that have no clue what’s happening. They don’t understand evacuation orders. Some are lucky enough to avoid being trapped in the roaring blaze.

The aftermath and healing process is just as detrimental to their survival. They are left terrified and alone as the singed and scorched earth is all that remains. 

But for one small kitten named Blaze pulled from the Sepulveda Basin wildfire this month, she is alone no more. 

Photo: @CHPWestValley

The fire eventually burned about 20 acres near Sherman Oaks in the Sepulveda Basin on September 6th. Police believe that it may have been begun near a homeless encampment that is regularly ablaze. This time sadly, it also claimed the life of an unknown man as well, discovered once the fire was extinguished.

But a stray young kitten was looking at a different fate; full of unknowns. One thing was for sure though. She would never be on the streets, homeless again! 

Blaze sleeping contently <3

It was the amazing efforts of The Little Angels Project in Angora Hills that will ensure that. 

Our Mission is to reduce euthanasia rates of domestic and exotic animals with advanced medical needs, throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. [By] providing surgical and medical treatment and aid both domestic and exotic animals from rescue facilities and sanctuaries. We lead education efforts while encouraging other veterinary facilities to follow suit in their communities.

So when Blaze emerged from the fire with no one to care for her, they were happy to step in.

Originally brought to the East Valley Animal Shelter, she needed to have round the clock care they couldn’t provide. That’s when The Little Angels Project opened their hearts and doors to the sweet girl.

The poor little baby is only about 5 weeks old and weighed approximately a pound. At this point, she should just be learning how to eat solid foods and play. 

But not poor Blaze. She’s spent her short life possibly alone and now terrified and in pain. Their team wasted no time in starting her recovery process. They knew that every moment counts and her health could change in a second. 

Photo: @CHPWestValley

We can’t imagine how terrified this baby kitten must have been as she saw the aggressive flames of the Sepulveda Basin Fire racing towards her. This helpless baby’s chances of survival were slim to none.

We are so grateful for whoever spotted this baby just in time and brought her into the shelter. Unfortunately, the fires had already reached her leaving her body extremely burned and spirits low.

Her ears were burned and started to fall off due to the dead tissue build up, as well as her back leg and tail. Although you can’t tell, Blaze is a long haired kitten but the burns have singed her fur down to almost nothing!

No matter the extent of her injuries, she wants only one thing…to be held. 

After only a day in their care, her prognosis was unknown but looking up. And by that evening, they were happy to share her “pawsitive” progress on their Facebook page. 

Blaze update! Considering all she’s gone through, she is doing very well. As of now, her lungs are clear and her heart sounds good. Her ears are burned and some has already started to fall off due to dead tissue. She may lose more of her ears as heals. 

She has a sweet disposition and we love her so much already!

During the day, she spends her time being loved on by the staff and volunteers at the rescue. At night, she gets to go home with one of the vet techs for some one-on-one attention.

Despite her singed fur, healing skin and traumatic past, the little girl simply loves to be held. It’s possible that prior to the fire, she’d never experienced human love before. That’s simply heartbreaking to think of.

Brave Blaze continues to heal but only time will tell the true extent of her injuries.

Fortunately, supporters of the rescue are happy to help donate to the petite charred feline. And each day there is another update on her success, she seems to get cuter and cuter! Just today, they confirmed that she is still focused on one important thing; being loved. 

Blaze update! She is still doing well considering all she has gone through. She is off the IV catheter and the areas were she is burned is starting to come off (natural part of healing from burns). She’s in good spirits. Eating well and all she wants to do is be held and loved!

It’s absolutely gut-wrenching to think of the animals affected by the wildfires that don’t have us looking out for them. How often is an animal the cause of such massive devastation and horror? It is our duty to care for those who cannot do it themselves. 

One day, one of those loving souls may just blaze their way into your heart!

Please be sure to follow The Little Angels Project online and support all the animals in their care. If you would like to donate to Blaze’s recovery fund, they have started an online fundraiser as well.

Photos courtesy of The Little Angles Project


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