Mama Cat Coco Surrendered Just Before Having SIXTH Litters Of Kittens…Back-To-Back!

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On the opposite side of the globe in New Zealand, kitten season is just beginning. It’s that time of year when feral and stray cat unabashed breeding causes an explosion of needy kittens. It’s the most terrifying and dreadful time of year for animal rescuers and fosterers. So while we actively engage in TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) programs or stray cat socialization, the kittens flood in. But for one mama cat Coco, she was thrown smack dab in the middle of motherly duties.

Worse yet, Coco is NOT a stray cat. She WAS “owned” by an extremely irresponsible person.

Because at less than 3 years of age, Coco just had her SIXTH back-to-back (and final litter) of kittens! 

Luckily she was welcomed into foster care on September 4th, 2020.

And luckily the original “owners” don’t want her back, even after she is fixed and her babies are adopted out. It’s terribly sad and infuriating but we must remember, this IS what’s BEST for HER. Coco’s arrival was solo though, as she was living on the streets when locals noticed her expanding belly. 

This is Coco, she is currently pregnant with her 6th litter back to back. She’s not even 3 years old. Thankfully a caring neighbor noticed her once more expanding tummy and approached her owner to offer assistance. Now she’s with us, as there is a high chance the kittens will be either ill, or she may abandon them altogether. When her kittens are weaned, she will be desexed, vaccinated, chipped and placed in a loving home.

We only take in bottle babies, critical care/special need and pregnant mums. These are the trickier cases that less fosterers want to take on or can take on. So we leave the more straightforward ones to the other wonderful vollies at the rescue we foster for.

It took all of a day for Coco to begin to feel relaxed at the foster home.

This would make her birth experience much easier ideally, even with an “expert” mama. Because complications don’t care who they affect.

Mumma Coco is feeling a lot more relaxed today, she’s eating really well, very friendly and seems to be in good condition despite her situation. She’s been flea [treated] and wormed and is on a really supportive diet so she’s getting everything we can give her to help her birth and raise healthy babies.

I’ve given her a brief exam today and although her tummy isn’t giant, her nipples are large and pink. Given her history, fluff level and health its hard to tell if we are days or weeks away so its anyone’s guess how long we have to wait to meet her fluffy jellybeans!

And on October 11th, Coco gave birth to her own offspring for the last time. 

Here they are! Three tiny little boys 😍. Coco is being such a great mumma despite having to do this so many times. I wish she understood that this is the last time and she never has to do it again.

So for the last month, Coco, her own babies have brought joy and smiles.

When the stresses and demanding schedule of fostering animals overwhelms you, getting to share the reasons for your dedication online make all the difference in the world. The support and love that these tiny fluffy kittens inspire is a miracle. AND hopefully it helps when the time for their adoptions comes. 

Coco’s trio of little boys were named Milo, Machiato and Chai.

Thankfully this will be Coco’s last labor and she finds a loving furever home too! 


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