Cat Photographer In The Netherlands Is Captivating Feline Lovers

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Cat lovers can guarantee one thing. Our phones are usually FULL of cat photos! Sleeping kitties, playing fur-balls and those literally just sitting there doing nothing fill our camera rolls. But for one cat photographer in The Netherlands, she has quite the skill for capturing much more professional pics.

I Believe I Can Fly by Felicity Berkleef

Because luckily this cat photographer has quite the patient and gorgeous subjects!

Introducing Cats By Felicity Berkleef. This 23-year-old Dutch photographer began snapping shots back in December of 2012. To the world’s delight, her natural talent for the medium instantly shown. Now some of these may look very familiar to you if you follow our four legged friends online.

It was almost 5 years ago that she snapped these photos of kitty brothers in front of a window on a rainy day. And the world went nuts! This series of photographs is still being used on social media weekly! Let’s be sure that the world knows whose quick finger and talented eye took the shots.

Peek a Boo by Felicity Berkleef

Brofurs for life (& afterlife)❤ Throwback to the photos and series that started it all.
And till this day I still weekly see people posting these photo series (lot of times without credit😑) It was 4.5 years ago and it wasn’t the greatest time, but I can clearly say that making and seeing these photos helped me a lot.

And since then, Felicity has been snapping shots of not only her own felines, but the numerous neighborhood cats as well. Her own felines prove to be quite fetching and the camera clearly loves them. She currently has 2 cats, Nero (ginger/white) and Marley (tabby/white). Sadly her other stunning model was Tommie, her tabby who has since crossed the rainbow bridge.

Yes, this is The Netherlands, so there are quite a few indoor/outdoor cats or “friendly ferals”. Mostly of them are owned she states though, and the town seems to be filled with cat lovers.

A cat photographer couldn’t ask for better “meowdels”!

But even the strays pose like the purrfessionals! Here is one of the local cats Bruce who has one of those faces that says 100 things without speaking a word. She states that she goes out a few times a week to take shots of the the sleek street cats. One of the best times to do so is right after a rainstorm.

by Felicity Berkleef

So while Felicity may only be in her early 20’s, I’m sure her talent and eye for FURtastic shots will only become more amazing over the years. We can wait to see what she captures next!

Winter is Coming – Tommie Jedi Cat by Felicity Berkleef
Nero – by Felicity Berkleef
Bruce by Felicity Berkleef
A Stormy Day by Felicity Berkleef

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Marley’s paws by Felicity Berkleef
Moody Mornings by Felicity Berkleef
Obi Wan Catobi by Felicity Berkleef

All photos property of Felicity Berkleef @felicitycatographer 


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