Whose Fanbase Ranked Your Favorite Best Animated Cats List?

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If you are a cat lover, it is likely you love most if not all types of felines. And I’m not only reFURring to our beloved family feline companions. Or just referencing the color of their fur, whether it be ginger, tortie or black. I’m talking about cats in general. Cats on clothing, decorations or on Broadway. But the most recognizable are the ones we grew up with on our morning cartoons. Our favorite animated cats in TV shows. But is there a “best”? A most celebrated kitty that takes the gold?

Here are the best animated cats according to numerous human servant studies done. 

About a month ago, Ranker.com shared their list of The Greatest Cats in Cartoons & Comics, Ranked by Fans. They’ve got 30 they chose, but for scrolling’s sake, I’ll only include the first 15 here. Let’s see who their ideal furball is!

  1. Tom Cat, Tom and Jerry
  2. Mufasa, The Lion King
  3. Simba, The Lion King
  4. Tigger, Winnie The Pooh
  5. The Pink Panther
  6. Puss In Boots
  7. Garfield
  8. Dutchess, The Aristocats
  9. Figaro, Pinocchio
  10. Sylvester
  11. The Cheshire Cat, Alice In Wonderland
  12. Nala, Lion King
  13. Bagheera, The Jungle Book
  14. Marie, The Aristocats
  15. Thomas O’Malley, The Aristocats
    Tom, Tom & Jerry
    Puss In Boots

    Cheshire Cat, Alice In Wonderland

Recently, Litter Robot published their thoughts on the arts of animated cats on their website blog.

They focused on the 13 Best Comic Book Cats, which I’ll be honest I only recognize about half of them. But their cats, so they must be wonderful! (Or wonderfully evil?)

  1. Garfield, Garfield
  2. Salem, Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  3. Streaky the Supercat, Supergirl
  4. Master Ren, Monstress
  5. Chewie, Captain Marvel
  6. Dex-Starr, Green Lantern
  7. Luna, Sailor Moon
  8. Hairball, Pet Avengers
  9. Lying Cat, Saga
  10. Stinky, Power Girl
  11. Hobbes, Calvin and Hobbes
  12. Faron, Peanuts
  13. Catbert, Dilbert
    Stinky, Power Girl
    Hobbes, Calvin and Hobbes

    Chewie, Captain Marvel

If you want to narrow focus more on a specific “family” of animated cats, here’s the Disney list!

  1. Oliver, Oliver And Company
  2. Mittens, Bolt
  3. Lucifer, Cinderella
  4. Tigger, Winnie The Pooh
  5. Thomas O’Malley, The Aristocats
  6. Figaro, Pinnochio
  7. Bagheera, The Jungle Book
  8. The Cheshire Cat, Alice In Wonderland
  9. Rajah, Aladdin
  10. Nala, The Lion King
    Disney Cats

So while they are missing a few of OUR personal favorite cartoon cats, these are some PURRty great lists! 

But I think we should start a poll on Cole and Marmalade though to create our own list. So head on over to our Facebook page and leave us your nominee! And if you can’t think of any, here are some options for you to ponder on!  =^,^=

Chester Cheetah
Diego, Ice Age


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