Kitten With A Cleft Lip And One Eye Finally Found Her Forever Home

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After weeks at a shelter, a kitten named Ana is finally headed home. While most kittens at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home have relatively short stays at the South West London shelter, Ana’s story isn’t a typical adoption. This sweet black kitten was born a little different than most. Shelter staff feared her physical appearance including a cleft lip and missing eye would prevent her from ever finding a home. But thanks to incredible cat lovers, Ana has found her family. 

Ana arrived at Battersea in December when she was seven weeks old.

As a long-standing animal rescue, Battersea has rehomed over 3.1 million pets in their 160-year history. But they knew right away that Ana was something special.

Born with a cleft lip, Ana does not look like the average kitten. Her upper lip is deformed, and her right eye never fully developed. Battersea vets determined it was in Ana’s best interest to remove the eye and make her more comfortable.

Ana’s missing eye and cleft lip gives her a unique appearance.

And in a world where almost every pet has its own Instagram, Battersea staff worried Ana’s looks wouldn’t meet an adopter’s expectations for a cute new kitten. . 

Rachel Saunders, Battersea’s Cattery Manager, said,

“It is such a shame when people take animals at face value when searching for a new pet, rather than looking beyond their appearance to find unique quirks and personalities.”

Along with her atypical looks, Ana is also a black cat. Black cats often have a harder time at animal shelters due to superstitions and misconceptions.

With the world working against her, Ana watched as other kittens went to their new homes. Battersea eventually transferred her to a foster home. But shelter staff was determined to help Ana find a family of her own.

Battersea started spreading the word about Ana and sending a message that “different” is beautiful.

After an article about Ana ran in the Wandsworth Times, Battersea finally got the message they were hoping for.

A Battersea representative told Cole and Marmalade that Ana’s luck has finally changed. Because finally, after her amazing story was shared, she was adopted….the very next day!

Ana may not look like your typical kitten, but that doesn’t change the fact that she deserves a good home. 

Wow, thank you so much for all your love and support for our little Ana! It looks like it’s paid off, she’s now found a home! 🎉🎉

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