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Why Did It Take OVER SIX YEARS For This Sweet Cat Jane To Be Adopted?!

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Meet Jane. Jane is like millions of other felines in the world fighting to find their place. Life has treated them like an afterthought and even worse, so do most humans. But she was given opportunities that many other animals are not. And it still wasn’t working for her.

Because after more than six years, Jane still hadn’t found her forever family! 

Jane’s story began on the cold streets of Wisconsin back in 2014. That is, her story that we KNOW of. You see, she and her sister Cocoa, had been found as teenagers living on the streets. The extremely frigid streets of Wisconsin; where winter temps regularly dip into negative numbers. But at the Buffalo County Humane Society, they would be warm and loved. 

Thank you to Julie for catching Jane and Cocoa two young sisters and bringing them to the shelter, so they are not suffering out in the cold anymore. They both have the sneezes and icky eyes and are being treated. For being wild they are taming down fast. I can pet and hold them already. I guess they realize where they have it good.

Jane – February 2014
Cocoa – – February 2014

There were more differences between the sisters than Cocoa’s fluffy coat though. While they were both thrilled to be off the streets, they needed to find permanent homes. But for the literal MILLIONS of strays pulled from certain death, now begins the competition. 

They are expected to be warm, friendly and outgoing during adoption events. To put their best “paw” forward and show potential families just what they’ll get by adopting them. But it’s not that simple at all. 

Poor Jane was terrified being taken to adoption events at pet stores. 

And seeing a scared, hiding feline to adopters is NOT going to inspire them to open their home to them. This is the average person! Yes, there are those who specifically go looking for the “less adoptable” animals. Bless their hearts.

It was about a year before the girls got their chances to shine. And in early February 2015, they were both adopted into homes! 

Today was a VERY, VERY happy day times two at BCHA’s adoption fair. Both Cocoa and Jane sisters who had been up for adoption for 56 WEEKS and 6 DAYS both found new homes. Jane’s new dad came to the fair and wanted to know which cat we have had the longest and was having a hard time finding a new home. Jane is going to have fun playing with 2 kitty friends in a big five bedroom house.

Sadly, Jane was going to take a bit of work and a lot of patience to feel comfortable with her new siblings. But as much as he wished his new feline would be the perfect fit, his family wasn’t her end game. And she returned to the shelter after a few weeks, to continue to hold out hope. Here is where we are ALL very grateful she wasn’t thrown back on the streets as happens in some unsuccessful adoptions!

So sweet Jane waited. And waited and waited and waited. 

The weeks turned into months, and the months into years. Shy Jane stayed with the staff who’d grown to love her. She was a guest in their foster homes and eventually when their new building opened November 2019, she made it her domain. 

Once our shelter finally opened, Jane moved there. The new environment let her blossom! 

The building has an open cat room, where each cat has a kennel. But as long as everyone is getting along, they can roam free (or roam free in shifts, if we need to keep a couple separated).

When Jane began exploring, she started to gain confidence. 

She was able to interact with more of the other cats, and she was able to watch how the other cats acted around people.

Finally, Jane had found her footing and was prepared to happily “skip” off into the sunset to her forever home…as soon as her family found her. 

And after almost another year in the shelter, fate brought them to each other. Jane had finally found her home.

Yesterday at the shelter was a sad, yet a very happy day. After coming in as a teenage stray in early January of 2014. Jane found her forever home yesterday. 

Several months after moving into the new shelter Jane started opening up. When her new family came to meet her last night, she could not get enough attention from them. We knew she finally found her forever home. Yes a few happy tears were shed. Jane we will miss you as the shelter, but we are so happy you finally found your forever home after 6 3/4 years. Congratulations to her Jane and her new family. Thanks for adopting from BCHA and giving Jane a chance!

Jane now has two siblings, and at 5 and 6 years of age, they are not crazy, rambunctious kittens. Her new human servants were looking for a senior cat that would fit in with the others. And Jane was the perfect fit…finally!!! 

Congrats to Jane and her new family! Thank you to Kristen Gregerson and the Buffalo County Humane Association in Mondovi, WI for sharing this story with us! We love a happy ending!

Photos courtesy of Kristen Gregerson/BCHA


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