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Do Our Cats Truly Want Us To STOP Doing These Things?!

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Stop! The cat is finally out of the bag! Have you ever wondered whether your cat liked something you did? Today you will get the low down on the do’s and don’ts of your feline friends.

With the help of some feline experts, your cat’s wishes are being brought to light!

Starting with Belly Rubs!

Cats have overly sensitive stomachs, going back to their hunting and pray instincts.

Outreach Director for the Little Angels Project, Yvette Berke, explains, “Cats will nip those who try to rub their tummies as an instinct to protect their vital organs.”

Stop! Please think before you pet my belly!

This means you taking a risk to scratch their bellies, and it just might not be the purr-fect move. It is safe to say that your feline pal probably wishes you would stick to their cheeks instead.

We have all been dancing around the house, singing along to music, even singing to our cats! But have you ever asked yourself what they think of your silly antics or even the volume of your sounds? Stop and think about it…

Turns out, along with sensitive bellies, comes extreme sensitivity to both sound and smell.

“Any changes in these two sensory areas could cause stress and anxiety,” says Russell Hartstein, animal behavior expert at

Stop! My limits in sound may be far less than yours.

However, it is not just the volume of your music that can drive your kitty crazy! Even speaking to them in high pitch can bother them. This may be another one of those things your cat wishes you would stop doing.

As humans, we have had to learn to cope with constant change in our every day lives. It just never comes to a stop. But we still struggle with change. The same can be said for our furry loves. You can bet that your cat wishes you would just leave things as they are!

“Of course big changes like moving houses or bringing home a new pet or a baby can be stressful, but small gestures like moving their litter box to a new location in a house are just as traumatic for them,” explains Sakura Davis, a veterinary technician and veterinary consultant for

Photo Taken by Ken Inness

If you do find yourself having to make these changes, do them as gradually as possible and make sure to spend extra time reassuring your cat that everything will be ok.

An age-old struggle is and has always been getting your cat in their carrier for those dreaded trips to the vet.

It goes without saying that our cats wish we would stop doing that! While there is not a whole lot you can do to make your cat love it, you can make it a little more comfortable for them.

“Keep the carrier in the environment for your cat to investigate on their terms. Make sure to place blankets and treats in the carrier to help adapt your cat to their carrier,” explains Steve Jolin, editor at Catological.

This isn’t so scary after all! (The CaM fam actually use these carriers too!)

Let’s face it! Having feline friends can smell a little funky sometimes.

So, you go out and buy some smell-good candles or air fresheners thinking everyone will be happy. When in fact, those scents can really mess with your cats’ sense of smell and affect them greatly.

“The scents can disrupt their appetite and cause queasiness in some,” says Sakura Davis. “If you can, try to spray things in another room and away from them or stick with natural scents.”

What’s that smell?! Make it stop!

I know a cat’s tail looks like fun to play with but trust us when we say your cat wishes you wouldn’t!

“Both tails and whiskers allow cats to sense things around them,” according to Yvette Berke.

These tails aren’t as fun as you think!

The only thing you may accomplish in messing with their tail is annoying the cat. Sometimes, this will even lead to angering the cat as you appear to be a threat to them in holding their tail hostage.

Does your cat get enough playtime? How about nap time?

Studies show that like humans, a cat will value both playtime and sleep time. A cat requires plenty of rest. Although your furry partner could also end up quite sad if not given enough playtime. So, make sure you set some time aside to keep everyone happy in the home.

I loves to play lots before my catnaps!

Despite popular belief, cats wish you would stop dressing them up like little people!

While you may think it is cute, it definitely won’t make your cat feel the same. Not only are the clothes restricting of their natural movement, but they are just plain uncomfortable.

“They can for a sense of resentment towards you for forcing things on them,” explains Sakura Davis.

Not cool guys… not cool…

As kids, we all loved to have staring contests! And lets face it, cats have some of the most beautiful eyes.

But is staring into their eyes a good idea?

“Cats hate when you stare at them, as this is seen as a sign of dominance,” says John Cho, Founder of” It may feel like a fun game to have a staring contest, but it is really intimidating and uncomfortable for them.”

Just what do you think you are staring at?!

While it is not uncommon for us to want to pet or cuddle or cats, but this is just one of those things we tend to decide for them.

Some cats will never wish for you to hold them, and that is quite ok! Cats typically prefer all four paws on the ground. They still love you and still want affection! But how can you find out what your cat wants?

“Give your cat a little space and let her make the first move,” says Mikel Delgado, a cat behavior expert with Rover. “We know from previous studies that when you let the cat initiate human interactions, those interactions last longer and are more positive.”

Cats vs Water! It really is a thing!

Very rarely will you find a cat who wants anything to do with water! While we want to keep our loved littles clean, it really is not necessary in this case.

“Cats are very efficient in grooming themselves unless they are obese, elderly, or have a medical condition that prohibits them from doing so,” says Sakura Davis.

EEEWWWWW!!! No Water!!

How often do you clean your litter box?! It may not come as a surprise to know that cats are very clean in nature.

That being said, they do not enjoy soiled litter boxes at all.

“Not routinely cleaning out your cat’s litter box can result in inappropriate urination and defecation,” says Steve Jolin.

It is recommended to clean your purr-balls litter box at least once or twice a day.

Nobody likes a smelly litter box!

Oddly enough, most do not think about the benefits to brushing a cats teeth.

Obviously, your cat will wish you would stop trying to clean their pearly whites!

“Dental hygiene is a common health issue with cats that can lead to pain, loose teeth, and systemic disease,” explains Steve Jolin.

Yum!! Clean teeth are the best!

You can greatly decrease the risk of dental disease with a pet toothbrush and some enzymatic toothpaste for your cat.

While it is true that cats can be quite mischievous, punishment is a topic worth discussing.

Many forms of punishment border on abuse, but cats will not change in the long run based on anger and mistreatment. In fact, punishment will often cause more harm than good. Maybe even damage your relationship with your cat.

“Make sure to give them acceptable outlets for normal behaviors, such as scratching, play, and being on elevated surfaces,” says Mikel Delgado.

Photo by VeraOsco

Positive reinforcement will get you much further with your feline friend. Reward good behavior and ignore those bad habits that may otherwise irritate you. These methods will keep long-term and benefit the whole family!


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