Perfect End Of Summer Labor Day Pool Party For Shelter Cats

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When most people think of Northern Illinois weather, they immediately think of blizzards and snowstorms. What they don’t realize is that the Illinois summers can be absolutely sweltering. Believe me, the first 25 years of my life were spent here, bouncing between freezing and sweating seasons. So our friends at Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. in Crystal Lake, IL, decided they needed to give the feline residents at the shelter something special. With the seemingly endless summer temperatures, they came up with the purrfect end of summer solution–a Labor Day pool party for the cats!

Cats not interested in having a pool party you say?! I beg to differ. 

Maybe that’s why we’re all friends, but Deb Meckl Parquette and Diane Meckl Harris thought so too. Anything that can help socialize cats and kittens in a shelter environment is beneficial. Not to mention, ADORABLE!

But many of these felines came from rescue situations, full of abuse and neglect. They may be still learning to play and trust they are safe. Using a range of enrichment practices and items, they can start the cat’s healing process in a fun way. It also helps put them at ease around humans, which can help in the adoption process.

So with that, PCR staff and volunteers grabbed some child size plastic pools and the hose. 

Of course you cannot have a pool party for any “kids” without toys.

They found some ameowzing ones that are perfect for growing kittens. How else will they hone their tracking skills?? It may also be a good life lesson that sometimes we have to deal with obstacles (water in their case) to ultimately get what we want. And it’s well worth it!

With a cats natural curiosity, a few of the felines were quick to check out the temporary addition to their play area. And while they were certainly not expecting any of the cats to dive in and splash around, the cats were definitely intrigued. 

And we now know how “cat trees” are grown. (Wow. I should get out more LOL)

Thank you to Deb, Diane and everyone else involved with keeping the kitties at Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. happy! We fell in love with these ladies during a 40+ cat hoarding case back in 2017 (video below). And they’ve not stopped impressing us since.

Photo: Cat Man Chris with (L) Diane and (R) Deb getting ready to re-enter the hoarding rescue location in 2017

STAY TUNED for an amazing story about their shelters 200th rescue!!! I’m very excited to write about it! <3


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