Jackson Galaxy “Fanboys” Out Meeting Cole & Marmalade–Believe Me, It Was Mutual

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One of the coolest moment in our extremely “catified” lives with Cole and Marmalade, has been when Jackson Galaxy showed up at our door. Even though we had been expecting him, getting to meet and work with him was an opportunity of a lifetime. And that still goes for this writer, who stayed in her office during the 12-hours of filming. HAHA!

But honestly, being able to team up with dedicated feline advocates and all around amazing people is a blessing. So when plans were made to actually have Jackson come meet the boys, we were psyched! What better way to educate the masses then from TV and YouTube–simultaneously?!

Photo: Jackson, Chris and I

And that’s how Jackson Galaxy / Cole & Marmalade video “babies” are made. 

(L) Marmalade and (R) Cole

There is SO much more that goes on behind the scenes for both television and video productions though. Even with our segment being for a short “My Cat From Heaven” clip, it requires extreme planning! And you KNOW months of planning mean absolutely nothing to the true stars–the fabulous felines.

In our case, Cole and Marm are thankfully used to the camera. That doesn’t mean that they both welcome the lens though. *Cough*, *Cough*. Cole, I’m looking at you handsome. But watching Cole try to ignore the O.G. cat daddy himself, we knew he couldn’t hold out forever.

Jackson sat thoughtfully and deeply “meowditated” under the sleek house panthers mesmerizing image. The answer was almost too easy…treats. Cole, you sweet sucker; give into the adoration!!!

As the day progressed and they were deep into filming, I could hear the laughter drifting upstairs. 

Now, I know what it’s like to film with cats…and what it’s like to film with Chris. Jackson knows what it’s like to film with cats…and now what it’s like to film with Chris! =)

All joking aside, what these 2 cat daddies are doing for felines is utterly astounding. 

With Jackson Galaxy’s beefy resume, I can only imagine the number of cats and humans he’s helped save! 

Popularly known as “The Cat Daddy,” Jackson Galaxy is the host and executive producer of Animal Planet’s long running hit show “My Cat From Hell.” Jackson, an animal advocate and cat behavior and wellness expert, is also a two-time New York Times best-selling author with more than 25 years of experience working with cats and their guardians.

And at the time of filming this in Cary, Illinois 2018, Cole and Marmalade had been able to reach a massive audience on social media. Now, we’re lucky enough to have that number continue to grow. If that means more animal knowledge is shared and more cats are saved, we’ve succeed!!!

But after a long day of filming, and plenty of breaks for playtime and snuggles, we were ready for serious cat naps.

Jackson and crew packed up their gear and headed out. Happily, there are many more success stories out there for them to film. With the education that they can share with the world, I’m excited to be able to help any way we can.

If you don’t know, Cole and Marmalade also have an Amazon Store page for lots of helpful items we’ve discovered. Of COURSE that includes Jackson’s items–tested in person and kitty appurroved. =) 

Animal Planet just uploaded our segment to their YouTube channel this week too! So if you haven’t see the cat men in action, or just need to rewatch it, here you go!

Here’s out most popular and reigning champ of videos, “What Cats Do At Night”. 

Be sure to check out our other video partnerships with Jackson Galaxy too! #CatPeopleRule 


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