Discovery Of Orphaned Kittens; Causes “Big Bang” Reaction In Hearts Of Rescuers

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Within our ever-expanding universe, surprising discoveries are made daily. On a cold and rainy Northern Illinois day, four such miracles were unearthed.

Found near a river’s edge, nestled under a canoe, the 4 brothers were found abandoned with no purrental supervision. Huddled together in a makeshift nest, they had fortunately stayed dry and warm. Experienced rescuers knew that the tiny sparks of life needed immediate assistance to survive.

Photo Courtesy: Diane Meckl Harris, Purrfect Cat Rescue; THE DISCOVERY!

Estimated at about 10 days old, the neonates would require constant care to thrive. Bottle feedings at this age are needed every 3-4 hours; an exhaustive but rewarding process to witness as the flickering souls become stronger.

Happy to accept the daunting task was our friend Diane of Purrfect Cat Rescue. She knew the speedy rate at which the kittens were learning, they needed names to match. Their namesakes, from the intelligent scientist characters in The Big Bang Theory TV series, were purrfect.

Meet the Big Bang Theory kittens: Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Bernie.

Photos Courtesy: Diane Meckl Harris, The Big Bang Theory Kittens: (Top L) Sheldon, (Top R) Leonard, (Bottom L) Raj, (Bottom R) Bernie.

While adapting to their new surroundings, delicate little Leonard gave his caregivers quite a scare though. Neonates health can change in a moments notice! Many bacterial infections have a long gestation period, popping up with known with no prior warning.

Checking on the boys one day, Diane found Leonard lethargic and extremely warm to the touch. Rushing to the emergency vet, Dr. Daus at The Animal Doctor discovered Leonard had a fever of 105.4! The poor baby was hospitalized for 2 ½ days with what they were diagnosing as bacterial pneumonia.

Photo Courtesy: Diane Meckl Harris, Purrfect Cat Rescue; Leonard in the E.R. feeling a bit down =(


But Leonard has the fight of a mighty lion in him and he pulled through successfully. He is fully recovered now and continues to be the playful energetic kitten that he is supposed to be.

Now the 4 baby boys could get back to learning how to “cat’.

Diane is still fostering the fur-kids and they just received their first vaccines which “knocked them off their feet for a full day”. She said it was strange not having them running around like crazy, exploring kittens…but the next day they were back at it full furce.

Photo Courtesy: Diane Meckl Harris, Purrfect Cat Rescue; Bernie showing some love


When resting up for their nocturnal madness they seem to pair off in groups of two consisting of Leonard and Bernie, who is the runt, and Sheldon and Raj.

Photo Courtesy: Diane Meckl Harris, Purrfect Cat Rescue; Raj chillin’


In about 3 weeks, the quartet will be ready for neutering and then it’s adoption time! Hopefully potential adopters will see the genius in taking home a pair of new adorable family members.

Either way, you can be sure these little faces will be the CATalysts of the immeasurable reactions in your heart!

Photo Courtesy: Diane Meckl Harris, Purrfect Cat Rescue; Little Leonard

Follow Animal Outreach Humane Society for updates on the arrival of the Big Bang Theory kittens and their adoption status.

As always, Spay and Neuter your pets & Adopt Don’t Shop!  

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