Rescued Mama Cat Kippy Watches As All Her Kittens Are Adopted; But Then Something Wonderful Happened!

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This “happy tail” began when I saw a Facebook post from Animal Outreach Humane Society, based in Northern Illinois. I grew up in the area and we worked with them during our brief stint living back there a few years ago. So I know their goal is always to find the perfect families and save as many felines as possible. But as I looked into this specific post further, it quickly transformed into something even more beautiful. It was so much more than the heartwarming adoption story I initially believed it to be. More than watching kittens being adopted in families instead of dying on the streets, never knowing love. More than just saving the life of one stray street cat. This special cat was named Kippy, which is a Canadian slang term meaning “an attractive young woman”. 

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

And for poor mama cat Kippy, she had to watch as all her kittens were adopted out–but she was overlooked. 

What’s known about Kippy isn’t much. She was discovered by a woman living in McHenry (hometown shoutout!). It’s never really good timing to find a cat in need, but for her, it was even worse. It was February in Northern Illinois, which means it’s basically the arctic. The suffering cat was starved. And she was later discovered to be pregnant. But it was also when Caroline Schneider moved to Arlington Heights, about 45 minutes away! 

There was no way that Caroline was going to forget about her though. Almost everyday, Caroline made the trek back to McHenry to make sure that Kippy had food. She tried to catch her but with the winter weather beating down on them, it wasn’t easy. We’re talking temperatures in the 20’s maximum during the day!

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

After almost a month, Caroline was able to finally trap Kippy! The sweet but scared cat was clearly freezing and undernourished. She rushed her right to the vet, where they discovered her pregnancy. The original plan was to have her fixed and any medical issues addressed. Knowing she didn’t want to abort any of the kittens though, Caroline needed to come up with another plan. 

So she reached out to Animal Outreach Humane Society who agreed to take in Kippy and allow her to have her babies.

Kippy happily stayed with one of the AOHS fosterers, Lindsay Olszewski. In April, she had 4 perfect little kittens who were named Pocket, Zipper, Button, and Patch.

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

The furry family stayed with Lindsay and mama Kippy turned out to be an amazing mother. She was about 3 years old, so sadly, not likely her first litter. But it would be her last! 

At 3-years old she has such fun energy and a great personality! Kippy is extremely sweet. She loves to cuddle up behind your knees or against your back when you sleep. She’s a chatty girl who’s happy to have a conversation with you or just listen about your day. She loves to give head boops and will flop over for belly rubs! Another fun fact, she knows her name and comes when called!

As the kittens became less and less attached (see what I did there? “Zipper”, “Button”…haha I should get out more) to their mama, adoption day for them grew closer. But as soon as Kippy had stopped nursing and was fixed, she’d been ready to find a furever home.

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

Alas, no one came forward to claim the sweetheart, even with her calm and loving demeanor! To me, this sadly meant she may not have been on the streets for that long. 

She isn’t the biggest fan of dogs so she would do best in a home with no dogs. But she does get along with other cats and with proper introduction she should do well with other cats.

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

The day came when Kippy’s kittens were officially put up for adoption. 

It was June 28th when AOHS made the adorable announcement. I love that they even added a description of their little purrsonalities! And of course made sure to remind everyone Kippy was still available.

What better way to start a Friday then with announcing some kittens that are ready for adoption?!!! OH…MY! This crew is going to be hard to resist! These sweethearts are Kippy’s babies and they are 3-months old. All of them, including Kippy, are looking for their forever homes!

We introduce you to… Button, Patch, Zipper and Pocket! Here is what their foster mom has to say about them.

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

Button is a sweet and talkative little boy with a fun wild streak!

Patch loves to roughhouse and chase his brothers, but don’t be fooled he also enjoys a nice snuggle!

Zipper is the definition of sweet and sassy!

Pocket is the only tabby of the bunch and looks just like his mom. He is sweet and wild but also comes when called!

It was only a few days later that the kittens began finding their homes.

Patch and Zipper were adopted–together–on July 1st! 

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

Their new mom was happy to share an update on the siblings in their happy new lives. Two days after they arrived, this shot was taken of the two. They look pretty comfy to me!

Photo: Facebook Animal Outreach Humane Society ~ Shared by Christine Buss Kittredge

On July 5th, another of Kippy’s kittens was off–but Button even had a special new friend to greet him. 

It’s a GREAT Friday when a kitten gets adopted! Button was adopted today and he’s lucky to get to have our AOHS alumni Rambler as his new big brother! ❤️❤️ Congratulations to Button and his family!

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

After that long and relaxing 4th of July weekend, AOHS was happy to share a delightful video of Kippy and Pocket playing. 

Do you have the Monday blues after a fun weekend? ? Well we thought a video of Pocket and Kippy would help turn those frowns upside down! ??Pocket (playing with the ball) is about 4-months old and Kippy is his mother who is about 3-years old…as you can see Pocket is a spitting image of his Mom!

These two are a lot of fun and both are ready to be adopted. They’ve been hanging out at the McHenry PetSmart the last week and getting settled in but we really hope this week will be their special one and that they will get adopted. Pocket and Kippy are not a bonded pair but they do get along great.

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society – Little silly Pocket playing “I tug on heartstrings”

It was July 14th when Pocket was adopted, leaving poor Kippy alone.

The sweet juvenile girl had watched all her kittens grow, play and set out. But what of her future? The AOHS team hated seeing her left behind and did all they could to purr-mote her adoption. 

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

All of them were shocked when little Pocket was returned to the shelter only 3 days later. Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything he did, sometimes it’s just not a good fit. And it’s better they’re returned to the safety of the shelter then just thrown out on the streets.

Of course, Kippy was thrilled to see a furmiliar face again. Even if Pockets cute face didn’t look all that bothered!  

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

…And then a something wonderful happened. 

What a great Wednesday we are having here at Animal Outreach!

Before we could announce that Pocket was back (to no fault of his own) we already get to announce that he got adopted tonight along with his mom Kippy! Some things are just meant to be! Congratulations!!! Enjoy your much deserved happily ever after!

Photo courtesy of Animal Outreach Humane Society

Now, even though Kippy didn’t have to wait THAT long after her kittens were adopted, it’s not the norm. There are MILLIONS of juvenile and senior cats in foster or shelter care that are overlooked everyday. So next time you are adding to your fur-family, put yourself in their pawprints. The overlooked may just be exactly what you’re looking for! 


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