The Cats Trailer Is Out…And We Don’t Know What To Think

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you have likely heard of the long-running Broadway smash, Cats. It’s now coming to a theater near you with a star studded ensemble cast! The film will star many familiar famous voices. These include Jennifer Hudson, Ian McKellen, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift as the star cats. Fans of the Broadway show have long-awaited a Cats trailer since it’s been teased. And now it appears they’re in luck.

Image Courtesy of Cats Movie on Facebook

The film adaptation is directed by Les Misérables director Tom Hooper, and just this week an official trailer for the film was released. Until now, the look of the film and its actors have been extremely hush-hush, and after watching this, it’s easy to see why. Part human, part CGI, and the rest is history.

Check out the official CATS trailer below. You’ve been warned….

For anyone who knows me, and for anyone that happens to read my many articles on this website, I think you could all easily say that I truly love cats…but not this kind. I was legit creeped out, and I’m sorry, but I think I’m not the only one who thinks that given the outcry of confusion hitting the internet right now relating to this trailer. After the first watch, though, I grew to like it more. My initial reaction was just a bit confused!

To me, I think the Broadway version that cat lovers and fans of musical theater have fallen in love with might be better than CGI cats…but you be the judge! My opinion is mine only, and I’m pretty sure my cat-obsessed kids will force me to watch this film anyway! 🙂 


Here’s an inside look behind the film and its cast that we dug up on the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic set to hit theaters on December 20, 2019…

We covered Taylor Swift’s passion for life imitating art, and her life’s greatest passion, actual real life cats, check it out here in case you missed it: Taylor Swift’s Biggest Inspiration In Life Is Purrfection

What are your thoughts on the film adaptation? After watching the Cats trailer, do you plan on seeing the film when it hits theaters this December?

As the film’s tagline says: This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie

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  1. It’s creepy as all get out. They should have gone the makeup route and followed the folks from Doctor Who who did the awesome cat makeup in the David Tennant episodes New Earth and Gridlock.

  2. After watching the trailer, I wasn’t sure what the movie was about. No idea what the plot is. I haven’t seen the musical.

  3. I like the fact that it’s going to go beyond the stage and give us a different look into each of our favorite cats’ lives. Perhaps then we will see why it’s so important to them to get a new life and just what some of these kitties backstories are.
    Keep in mind, that this is a film for the anyone. Having worn out my VHS copies of the 1998 Broadway film I know a bit about the characters, mostly from looking into the show deeper and asking questions. This is for a whole new generation who have not in fact watched or even knew of the musical before now.
    CGI may be a little different, but it can prove to be just as a good thing as it could be a bad. As we cat lovers know already, A LOT of a cat’s mood and personality are in their expressions and body language. Something that couldn’t come across clearly on stage. Being able to CGI ears and tails means we get more of that.
    I plan to see it. If nothing else the soundtrack should be AMAZING. While I am uncertain about some of the casting, the voices should still shine.

  4. I’ve seen Cats twice on Broadway and loved it both times. Yes, it’s a suspension of belief, but that’s the magic of the story. I don’t think it’s creepy at all and will definitely see the movie. The talent and athleticism of the actors/dancers is mesmerizing to me because they really have cat movements. It is a wonderful story, and I urge anyone who hasn’t see the live musical to read it or at least look it up on Wikipedia.

  5. Um. As animals, I love cats. I also love Broadway (though I admit musicals aren’t my first choice of entertainment). I saw Cats on Broadway years ago. I admired the committed performances, but I really, really, did not care for it. It seems to me to be the original Show About Nothing.

    The plot, as best as I understand it: Some cats hang out in an alleyway where they sing and recite TS Eliot. There is an old fat tomcat who sings. There is also an old lady cat who gets picked on. All this excitement builds to a crescendo until the old lady cat sings a song about memory and moonlight. And begs for touching. Lots and lots of touching. Most of the other cats keep their distance. At the end she becomes an angel. Or gets taken away by a spaceship, or something.

    From the trailer, this movie only adds to the awkwardness. I wondered at first if the actors had shaved their heads and gotten extensive prosthetics. You know, for the Craft. I think I’d rather watch some real cats for a couple of hours – keep those Cole and Marmalade videos coming, please.

  6. When people hold something dear to their heart like a story, a song or other forms of entertainment, they tend to remain faithful to the version they first fell in love with. Few are as open minded and as accepting as Ms. Farmer, a previous poster. I, for one, dislike all that is Broadway, and hence have never seen the original stage production, but I thought the trailer for the new film looked beautiful. It is, after all, pure fantasy. Any resemblance to actual cats, living or passed, is a coincidence. People need to look beyond their preconceived notions and appreciate things for what they are, not what they wish them to be. I can only imagine how those who spent a lifetime loving and studying the works of Eliot must have felt when his poetry was “defiled” by a mere stage show.

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