Outlaw Country Music Star Saves Kitten With Severely Broken Leg From Hotel Parking Lot

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Most people think of being a famous musician and picture late nights filled with endless partying. Flashes of laughter, bright lights and tour buses flicker through hazy memories of partially recalled adventures. Nights spill over into days, the cycle repeats and life is good. But then, every so often, the harsh realities of life on the road are uncovered in these long hours. That is what happened to “outlaw” country music star Sunny Sweeney while on tour across the US. After playing a show last Friday night, the band arrived at their hotel in Baton Rouge, LA around 2:00 AM Saturday morning. But upon arriving, Sunny stumbled upon a pitiful and heartbreaking sight. A young kitten with a severely broken leg was crying in the parking lot, alone and starving.

Photo: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

This country music star wasn’t about to leave the suffering kitten in the parking lot. 

It didn’t matter that she was just passing through town. It also didn’t matter that her famous country music star lifestyle didn’t leave much time for animal rescue. Sunny decided to do all she could to help save the kitten. And after asking the hotel staff about the kitten’s origins the next morning, she was all the more resolved to do so! She shared her early morning discovery with her fans on Facebook just before 11:00 AM.

Country Music Star Sunny Sweeney

Anyone into Cat rescue?? We got to the hotel last night and the most precious kitten (starving and broken back right leg) came up to me screaming for help with his meow.  I gave him some leftovers and water, which he gobbled up. The hotel said he’s been here for days! My guess is his mom died.

Photo: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

He needs help and we can’t take him home. Can anyone in the next hour please come get him? If you’re interested, respond to the this post and will PM you. He was so sweet and I’m so much pain. He needs a vet bad. Please share. We have to leave soon and I can’t leave him here like this.

Sunny’s fans didn’t let her down. And with some hard work–and unfortunately lots of worry–she was able to connect with a few rescuers in the area. One caring man stepped forward to help in any way he could.

Photo: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

Cat Rescue Guy, or as he’s formally known, Randall, was happy to help the needy feline and worried country music star. 

Randall’s day are spent doing something amazing for cats in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

I rescue cats that are stuck in trees. I do it for free because I love cats, I love climbing trees, I hate suffering, and I don’t want the cat to suffer just because someone can’t pay. Being retired, and this is my joy. I rescue cats using the least stressful method that is suitable for the situation. And I climb the tree using ropes and professional techniques that do no harm to the tree.

Photo: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

Even though the kitten wasn’t stuck in a tree, Cat Rescue Guy had the connections Sunny didn’t. He arrived at the hotel later that afternoon and met with her to pick up the cat. Randall was easily able to grab the little male ginger kitten. It wasn’t necessarily because of his mangled leg not allowing him to run away. It was because the little boy was still as sweet as could be, even in excruciating pain!

Promising Sunny he’d keep her updated, Randall transported the kitten back to Baton Rouge. Sunny received an update from him a few hours later and shared the news with the growing number of supporters.

Randall from Cat Rescue Guy came and got kitty. He took it to Sherwood South vet clinic in Baton Rouge. Doctor assessed him and the cat needs a back leg amputation. It’s gonna be a thousand dollars at least but they said the cat WOULD survive with the amputation. Is ANYONE interested in helping this kitten out and giving it a permanent home? Even in the pain it was in, it was so gentle and sweet and loving. Please let me know ASAP. Otherwise I think they are gonna have to put him down.

But even with the sad news, Sunny still wasn’t going to abandon the kitten. 

Donating a couple of times herself as the medical issues were diagnosed, she shared a thought with her followers. It helped that she had the adorably heart wrenching video of the sweet boy asking for help himself! 


Is this far fetched? This baby needs a leg amputation and will most likely be the best pet ever. He was so kind and grateful and sweet. Kept licking my fingers and crying for help. Randall from @Cat Rescue Guy came and got him and took him to a vet. Vet assessed him and he needs a leg amputation, but there were no other internal injuries.

I was wondering if this was far fetched to see if anyone would be into donating to try and cover the surgery before I go to the trouble to set up a page for the little guy? Andrea from SOS Rescue in Baton Rouge is also in the case. We are trying to figure out what steps to take next. Thoughts?

Photo: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

Well just as the Houston-born singer’s heart was as big as Texas, so were those of her fans. She started the fundraising efforts towards the surgery. 

PURRS of HOPE Rescue took the kitten. You can make a donation on their website www.purrsofhope.org or donate directly to the vet clinic Associated Veterinary Services (AVS) where he will be having surgery tomorrow.

The little ginger boy was named Sunny, for obvious reasons. He was taken to AVS that night to be monitored before surgery the next day. He was given morphine for the pain and was happy to thank his rescuers loudly!

Video Screenshot: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

The country music star went about her night as usual, playing her next gig while little Sunny was at the forefront of her mind. 

But by Monday afternoon, she could rest a bit easier as her newest undertaking had been extremely successful! 

To say I’m blown away by the love you beautiful people have for an animal that belongs to none of us is the biggest understatement of all time.

Photo: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

All of your donations have more than covered the baby’s surgery. He’s out now and doing well. He had a little infection inside at the removal site but they are pumping him full of antibiotics. [They] will keep him for a week to assure nothing else comes of the infection…but it should be fine!!

Anyway, Margaret, from Associated Veterinary Services in Baton Rouge has claimed the “foster parent” role until “Little Sonny” can go home to live with someone forever. Dr. Ashley performed the surgery on him and she deserves a round of applause as well.

Photo: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

None of this would have been possible if Randall from Cat Rescue Guy hadn’t been able to help me out getting him to a doc yesterday morning in Baton Rouge.

So for the next part. I know a couple of you have expressed interest in taking him in…if you’re really really serious, please message me and I’ll get you with the angel on earth, Angela, from PURRS of HOPE Rescue.

The only request I have is that it be an open adoption, and you promise to send pics and updates of Baby.

But this cat was definitely good as gone if we hadn’t been able to make this happen

Photo: Facebook @OfficialSunnySweeney

Y’alls donations raised almost 3,000 dollars! You SERIOUSLY blow my mind every day. Don’t know what I did to have such loyal beautiful people as fans. I hope the angel, Angela, is able to continue to use her donations for other severely injured animals and give them lots of good warm blankets and good food and care. ❤️❤️

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for helping save this precious soul’s life. He’s gonna be a hell of a pet!


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