Feisty Bobcat Kitten Dubbed Mr. Murderbritches Wins Hearts Across The Internet

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There’s a bobcat kitten in Utah who is cute but fierce and might not exactly be on Santa’s “Nice List” this year!

Caught eating chickens in Kanarraville, the bobcat kitten–who has quickly earned the nickname “Mr. Murderbritches” from his “fans” on the internet–is shown giving wildlife officers a handful upon his humane release back into the wild.

Mr. Murderbritches was set to be released back into the wild outside of town, and he was not shy about showing the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources officers who was cute but fierce around these parts!

Watch yo fingers if you want to take them with you into 2019–sheesh!

Here’s the original video that was posted in November to their Twitter account–be sure your sound is on for this little firecracker!

While this video is amusing to us, it also serves as a true testament to how these gorgeous but fierce cats are not meant to be kept as pets.

Too often in the United States people who admire wild cats think it’s a good idea to make these wild cats into pets, and Mr. Murderbritches is here to set things straight! I am not a pet!

Photo: foxnews.com ~ Mr. Murderbritches with dinner

Check out these hilarious comments on Twitter from the video that was originally released on November 26th by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources–but now with comical subtitles thanks to our cat loving friends on the World Wide Web!

While Mr. Murderbritches has likely soon forgotten about us on his mission to slay all the chickens, we won’t soon forget about him.

And apparently, he’s even up for a reward as “Utanh of the Year”!

Released just yesterday to their Facebook page, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources made the fun announcement.

They’re encouraging fans of Mr. Murderbritches to pay him the respect he deserves by casting their ballot for this bad boy kitten:

One thing is for sure, he’s got my vote! #VoteMurderbritches

Big Cats Don’t Make Good Pets!

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Photo: Big Cat Resuce

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