Kitten In NYC Takes Terrifying 15-Mile Journey Stuck Under Car; 7 Officers Join In Rescue Effort!

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How many officers does it take to rescue a kitten from a car? No, this isn’t a bad joke, but apparently the answer is 7. Specifically, 7 officers from the NYPD 32nd Precinct and Special Ops Units. And with 2 emergency services trucks in tow. But in all likelihood, the appeal of a kitten IS difficult to ignore for anyone. Especially for law enforcement sworn to help those in need.

Photo: @NYPD32Pct

Regardless of how many rescuers were involved, the young feline was in desperate need of saving.

It was this past Wednesday when a man was driving through Brooklyn, New York, just going about his day. Temperatures reached a high in the low 40’s.

Fortunately, he was very alert and had to break quickly to avoid hitting a small kitten. It had just been sitting there in the road on the Jackie Robinson Parkway!

When he got out of his car though, the kitten was no where to be found!

Photo: @NYPD32Pct

Figuring it had run off, he was glad it was out of the street at least.

He continued on to his destination; Harlem. It would be about a 15-mile trip in the frigid winter weather and congested traffic. But as he drove, he was shocked to hear a loud meow when he arrived in Harlem!

Pulling over immediately, he could hear the cat crying from under his car.

He was able to flag down a passing officer who called in for reinforcements.

Photo: @NYPD32Pct

The 7 officers jacked up the car and were able to see the little kitten, a black-and-white female, peering out.

It’s a miracle the tiny baby was able to hang on to the vehicle during the journey! Clearly terrified, they were finally able to reach the kitten and extract her from the vehicle.

She was taken to the local ASPCA to be examined. Meanwhile, they would check to see if she was micro-chipped and belonged to anyone.

But although she is healthy, she is a stray so will likely be put up for adoption.

Photo: @straycatsnyc

They named the little girl “Chance”.

One of the 7 officers who helped pull her from the car was Sgt. Christopher Chance. Along with the tribute to him and her lucky second chance at life, it’s the purrfect name. 

Photo: @NYPD32Pct

She was taken into the care of StrayCatsNYC and @Devoted_feeders, two women dedicated to helping the street cats of NYC.

Similarly, they had been calling her “Lucky”–another appropriate name! They happily reported that despite her scary ordeal, she hadn’t lost her appetite!

#Repost Stray Cats NYC (@get_repost)・・・UPDATE:Nikko aka Lucky, yesterday's Police #rescue, going hard at his favourite stuff. A bowl of Shreds from Friskies. That harrowing ride into #Manhattan under a car and subsequent rescue by NYPD did not affect his appetite. His story made the NY Post and ABC7NY today. Nikko is relaxing at HQ and he will be vetted at the Aspca tomorrow. Hopefully it goes well. #luck #straycats #straycatsofinstagram #tuxedcat #tuxedocat #adopted #coicommunity #cats #cats #rescuecat #rescuekitty #kittiesofinstagram #kitty #straycats #kitty #crazycatlady #catsofinsta #catsofinstagram #catscatscats #cats_of_world #catstagram #catsoftheday #catsofworld#catlover #catlovers

Posted by Devoted_feeders on Thursday, December 20, 2018

So please remember to check your vehicle or bang on your hood when cold weather hits. It is a favorite, toasty warm place for our feline friends to snuggle up, unaware of the deadly dangers.

Photo: Cole and Marmalade


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