Kittens Dubbed The Seven Dwarves Looking Forward To A “Furry Tail” Ending!

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Once upon a time…September 10th, 2018 to be exact, seven little kittens were rescued from life on the streets.

The babies were brought to Chicago Care and Animal Control (CACC). They were found as abandoned strays within the 5000 block of S. Paulina Street.

The litter had been tucked under the steps of someone’s home, and searches for a mother cat had been unsuccessful.

Photo: ~ 5000 block S. Paulina Street

With no parents in sight, the neonates were in desperate need of saving. They were estimated to be only a month old. 

Being so young, they would require around-the-clock care from experienced fosterers immediately.

CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation, pulled the “gaggle” of kittens from death’s door on September 15th.

They began calling them “The Seven Dwarves”.

Photo: Facebook / @carfanimalrelief

All 7 kittens needed to be bottle fed, stimulated to use the bathroom and cleaned after feedings.

That’s quite an undertaking to expect one person to handle!

Happily, two experienced fosters stepped up and the kittens were divided into the foster homes. Three babies went to one and four to the other.

This way they still had siblings to grow with.

Photo: Facebook / @carfanimalrelief

Living on the streets for any unknown amount of time can be very dangerous to young kittens.

The dwarves were all malnourished, dehydrated and infested with fleas when they had been found.

A warning went out that they may come down with unknown medical issues. Many times, viruses and infections have an incubation period so the fur-babies were kept away from other felines.

Being at animal control can also introduce them to unknown sicknesses, putting their lives in danger further.

Photo: Facebook / @carfanimalrelief & Dove Patience

The reality of kitten rescue can be heartbreaking.

For one of the tiniest souls, their difficult journey ended on Sunday morning.

CARF shared the sad news on their Facebook page but assured everyone the remaining 6 kittens were doing well.

After a week in foster care with their new stories playing out, the felines were finally acting like healthy, happy kittens. 

Photo: Facebook / @carfanimalrelief & Dove Patience

The safety of their temporary homes was allowing their purrsonalities shine.

Foster parents shared adorable photos of their charges with the CARF page.

Dedicated supporters of the organization sent much needed donations for the siblings. 

Photo: Facebook / @carfanimalrelief & Dove Patience

Eventually the babes will all be up for adoption through CARF’s website.

Please be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates on these adorable kittens. These babies and many others need their fur-ever homes! 

You can donate numerous ways: 

Please make your Amazon purchases through this link to support CARF on Amazon:

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We hope to someday to read that they’ve all found their happily ever after…<3

Photo: Facebook / @carfanimalrelief


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