One Cat, Four Bad Knees And A Foster Team Stopping At Nothing To Help Him Survive!


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Two weeks ago, a darling cat named Christopher’s life almost ended.

Photo courtesy of Jen Tate; St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

He was taken in by the local county shelter and put on the euthanasia list, giving him only HOURS to live, if that. Why was this sweet cat doomed? Because he had 2 luxating patellas…translation: bad knees!

There are many of us out there with this same condition. But are we facing death because of it?! Certainly not.

Fortunately, St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, FL were informed of his plight. Rushing to the shelter, they were able to commit to taking the deserving boy into their foster care, saving him from certain death.

Photo courtesy of Jen Tate; St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

One of their experienced fosters had sadly that very day, lost her greyhound, who also suffered from leg issues. Perhaps helping Christopher in honor of her beloved dog’s memory would save more than one soul.

However, when Christopher was taken in for his first vet visit, they discovered the issue with the 10-month old boy was more serious that originally documented.

Photo courtesy of Jen Tate; St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

All 4 of his legs had problems. The tiny tibias on his back legs are severely curved which pulls on his knees, affecting his quality of life. His condition is most likely due to a rare birth defect and will require great care and multiple surgeries to help him.

Animal rescuing is an ongoing war, fighting battle after battle. With Christopher, his brief stay at the county shelter also provided him with one more thing to conquer…an upper respiratory infection.

While his vet could begin to address the infection, he would not be able to do the surgeries to help his legs. He did admit that it was the worst case of the affliction that he’d ever seen.

Photo courtesy of Jen Tate; St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

But, there was an option.

Another surgeon, Dr. Hay WOULD be able to perform the surgeries!

The costly surgeries.

Surgery is estimated at a MINIMUM cost of $2000 for EACH LEG!

St. Francis fosters know that little brave Christopher is worth every penny though. Before the infection took hold, you can see how happy and playful he is in the video below. They are certain that after the surgery he would live a healthy and normal life.

They will continue to monitor and have further exams on his front legs, but it does not look like he will require surgery on these limbs.


So for now baby Christopher is fighting his infection and just fighting to breathe. He has spent the last several days at the animal hospital receiving fluids, medications and blood-work. They believe Christopher has started to turn a corner and will make it, but he needs round-the-clock care until he is well enough to start eating on his own.

This has not stopped the handsome Tabby from winning the hearts of everyone who meets him. Nothing can put a damper on this boys loving demeanor. 

Fundraising for the friendly feline is adamantly underway. Since St. Francis Society Animal Rescue is an all volunteer, non-profit 501-c-3 animal rescue organization, every single penny donated will help Christopher’s fight to live agony-free.

He is currently on pain medication to help with his knees, but arthritis will only make it more difficult to recover the longer he is without the surgeries. They are trying to keep him minimally active to help the muscles, but sure to never push him past his limits or with anything that would cause pain.

St. Francis shared their plea with the devoted followers who have been there since day one of Christopher’s intake. We are happy to help join the cause!

“Village, we need your help!! Christopher’s medical care is going to be very costly, but we believe he is worth every dime of it! Please watch his video (taken before he was sick with the infection) and look how happy he is! He wants to live and we want to help him walk. Can you please help Christopher and make a donation for his care? We would also be grateful if you could share his story. On behalf of Christopher, we thank you for your help!!”

Please be sure to make a comment that this donation is for Christopher’s care.

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Thank you FUR your support!

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  1. I didn’t see where I could put a comment for Christopher’s Care. I hope the donation gets to him so he can hopefully get those knees in tip top shape sooner then later. I’d also really like updates for his progress but can’t find a place that would be able to check in on him.

    • Thank you Rebecca! If you follow the Facebook page for St. Francis Society they’ll be posting updates <3 We'll share too!

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