Miraculously, Two Lost Cats Found Alive 3 WEEKS After Their Home Exploded!

A woman in Kansas lost everything when her home exploded on July 19th. They sadly believed this included her two beloved cats who could not be found after the tragedy.

Photos: Kunimitsu (Wichita Gazette) & Mr. Tibbs (Facebook: Ashley Nadeau)

The year had started with a bang, a more positive one.

Ashley Nadeau had been named the new Director of Marketing and Development for the Topeka Performing Arts Center. She had just given birth to a little girl, Rosalie, and this new mom was ready for anything that life threw at her.

Photo: Facebook Ashley Nadeau & newborn Rosalie

What no one could guess was that life was going to literally “blow up” for her!

The fire officials know that a power line had come down in a storm when a branch fell, likely causing the explosion and utter destruction of her home. Two nearby homes were also destroyed in the blast but fortunately no one was severely injured.

Thankfully, they were not home when the tragedy occurred but the family’s 2 cats, Kunimitsu and Mr. Tibbs, were on the property. Ashley had smelled gas and been advised by the gas company to evacuate as a precautionary measure. Mom and dad gathered up Rosalie and the families two dogs, and fled.

*We can only assume here that the cats were indoor/outdoor and not found when they fled the home. Comments from people asking why they were left behind have gone unanswered on social media but Ashley’s Facebook account assures friends and family she’s actually a “crazy cat lady”. 

The home reportedly exploded at 10:30 pm, only an hour after they had left.

They would never have known it’d be the last time they walked out the door. The blast was felt blocks away, as if a freight train had rumbled through the streets. 

home exploded
Photo: The aftermath of the home explosion

Dealing with the loss of all their belongings and cherished cats was overwhelming, but this strong woman held her head high and hoped for the best through it all. She told one local paper that she’d been having dreams that she had found the cats after the home exploded. This fueled her desire to hold on to hope.

And her positive outlook was met with an amazing karmic return!

Just this week, the insurance company was onsite at the remains of the house. While the work crews were cleaning up the debris, they were shocked to find Kunimitsu hiding in a pipe! They called Ashley immediately and she couldn’t believe the what she was hearing.

home exploded
Photos: Found online at Topeka Capitol-Journal

It had been 3 weeks since the disastrous home explosion.

Ashley rushed to the site, happily retrieving a scared and dirty Kunimitsu in her arms and went straight to the vet. The poor girl did have some singed fur on her body and ears, but other than that, physically seemed healthy. She stayed at the vet’s overnight so they could test her blood and liver levels after not having access to food and water for over 20 days.

home exploded
Photos: Found online at Topeka Capitol-Journal

If Kunimitsu had been found, now Ashley was sure not going to give up hope of finding Mr. Tibbs!

She and a friend went back to the property the next day to sift through the rubble for any family mementos or signs of her male cat. This extremely lucky lady was absolutely astounded when her friend found him also hiding underneath the remains of the home!

After all the heavy machines and equipment plowing through the site the day before, it’s unbelievable that he had survived that AND an explosion. Just like his sister, Mr. Tibbs had his ears and fur singed in the scorching heat. 

home exploded
Photos: Found online at Topeka Capitol-Journal

Ashley has no misgivings about the miracles that she experienced after her home exploded. And they are ALL extremely lucky to be alive.

Her family and friends have supported her with anything she is in need of while she rebuilds her life. More than 100 people have donated to helping them, generously raising over $8,000!

Friends at the Dog Day Afternoon Pet Ranch & Resort were happy to look after pups Chappie and Winston for her during the displacement.

Photo: Facebook Ashley Nadeau: Winston (yes that is Ashley behind him) & Chappie

We wish the whole family the best of luck (you can never have enough!) going forward and hope they will all be safe and sound under one roof again soon <3

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Thank you FUR your support!

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  1. Good Heavens, indeed this is a miracle! I’m really hoping that both Kunimitsu and Mr Tibbs will forget about all they have experienced..
    I wish them no trauma whatsoever as well as safety and happiness for all the family, humans and pets alike ♥

  2. I am so happy that Kunimitsu and Mr. Tibbs are doing ok. But no, I do not understand how this person could just pack up her kid and her dogs and leave the cats behind. Yes, they may have been indoor/outdoor cats, and yes, they may have been outside when the family had to leave their home. But I firmly believe that if you are a responible cat owner, you do not let your cats outside unless you can make sure that you will be able to retrieve them at any time. And yes, it is entirely possible to teach cats to return home upon being called. And I also firmly believe in never leaving a dangerous situation until *all* of ones loved ones are safe. I cannot even begin to imagine the mindset of a person that leaves the dangerzone, knowing that her two cats are still back there somewhere, especially seeing how they *are cats* and do not have a freaking clue about the danger and therefore cannot protect themselves from it. And then to think that it took 3 weeks (!!!) for the insurance company to find these cats… All this means is that the owner most likely never bothered truly searching for them. I can`t even wrap my head around that: The house blew up, my cats might be trapped underneath the debris, they may still be alive and suffering horribly from injuries, hunger, thirst and fear, and instead of spending day and night searching for my cats, I talk to the local newspaper and then chill and wait for the insurance company to find them 3 freaking weeks later? That is *not* the way to treat somebody that you love.

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