Cat Blindly Gives Love After Being Abandoned ~ CaM Kitty Spotlight

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Meet Stevie. This beautiful girl was left on the doorstep of Animal Services by her former owners. Abandoned in her carrier scared and alone, the poor cat had no idea what was happening.

Making the situation more heartbreaking, Stevie is completely blind.

Photo Courtesy: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue


St. Francis Society Animal Rescue knew that the shelter was no place for a special needs cat and one of their fosters happily took her in.

Photo Courtesy: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

Bravely, Stevie explored her new home while her foster mom patiently waited for her for feel confident in her surroundings. Not long after, she surprised the family by comfortably claiming the bed as her own; sight or not, all cats know what’s theirs!

Another feat that may give no “paws” to other cats, is mastering going up and down the stairs. But for Stevie, blinding travelling these was not something that came easy. After a few days though, she finally conquered the steps, proving her amazing will to thrive.

Photo Courtesy: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue – Stevie the “stairmaster”


While Stevie won’t be happy in a home with the startling movements of dogs or young children, she will give the right family all the love in her heart. Her foster mom has quickly become smitten with her and says despite her hardships, she is a super affectionate love-bug.

“She is so sweet and looking for a quiet forever home where she’ll be treated like the Princess she should be.”

Photo Courtesy: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue


“We blind kitties can do just about everything a sighted kitty can do! We just need time to “map out” in our mind any new room we are in and a chance to settle in, that’s all. Do you have a quiet home and lots of love to give a special kitty like me? I will give you so much love back in return, so contact my foster mom and come meet me!” ~ <3 Stevie

Photo Courtesy: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

If you have any questions about Stevie, contact Lisa at
Submit an adoption application for Stevie by clicking on the “want to adopt me?” button here.

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