Want Warm “Feelies” And Giggles From Kittens Videos? Find ‘Em Here!

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With thousands of videos and photos of our fabulous furry friends uploaded to social media sites daily, it’s hard to narrow your viewing to an “acceptable” time limit.

Where do you begin? When do you stop? With no right or wrong answers to these questions when it comes to the black hole of the internet, we thought we’d help get you started with some new videos and some of the most popular out there.

Kittens Making Odd Friends

If you’re craving cute kitten videos and begin to dig deeper, you’ll probably come across adorable felines with some of their equally adorable animal friends!

Starting with a newborn goat named Hector from Sunflower Farm Creamery. The curious Nigerian Dwarf baby goat, only 2 days old in the video, explores his new home and meets his ginger barn-neighbors. What better new friends to teach him how to jump than 3 inspiring kitties!?

Barn animals just too cute for words?! Indulge in this classic from 2015 that now has over 5 Million views! Not sure what this fuzzy kitten has gotten himself into…his intended warming spot came with a few unwanted guests. 

Kittens Being Kittens
If cats are your “happy place” and there’s just nothing that warms your heart like felines just catting around…this compilation is for you! 
Just yesterday, Funny TV published these heartwarming clips of wee-little ones and their doting mama cats.


Humans And Cats

When parents can capture the touching moments between human babies and cats, there’s just no way NOT to swoon with love! Belly jiggling, from the depths of the soul laughter from infants may be one of our favorite sounds =)  


If you’ve made it through the over 370+ Cole and Marmalade & Cat Man Chris YouTube videos, CONGRATULATIONS and you deserve a nice catnap! But if you haven’t, we leave you with a bit of Marmalade and our newest foster kittens, The Pointer Sisters, for your viewing pleasure <3 

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle…

You've gotta love teeny kitten ear wiggles! <3#FosteringSavesLives #NationalKittenDay

Posted by Cole & Marmalade on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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