Black Kitten Carelessly Tossed Off Bridge Rescued Just In Time

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A young black cat was thoughtlessly tossed off a bridge from a moving vehicle Monday. While upsettingly the criminals were not apprehended, four heroic men joined forces to rescue the poor animal.

Photo: Facebook Chesapeake Feline Association

Perryville, Maryland lies along the Susquehanna River and just off the I-95 interstate making it an accessible location for heinous humans whose goal is disposing animals in the worst ways. The Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge is where numerous kittens have been rescued from the unthinkable fate.

This tiny town, home to just under 4,500 residents and situated on only 3.06 sq miles, sadly experiences it’s share of animal related tragedies…almost daily.

Fortunately there are caring residents and workers that do everything possible to right these horrible tragedies. For this small feline, Maryland Transportation Police Officers Frank Esposito and David Sharpless and maintenance workers Darrien Holland and Clarence Jackson, rushed to his aid.

Photo: Facebook Chesapeake Feline Association; the heroes!


The two officers blocked off the bridge to avoid further incidents with moving vehicles while the workers searched for the black kitten. Clarence spotted the cat near a drain and they quickly but carefully grabbed the cat in case it was injured. The men have regrettably been in this situation before, stating that it happens all the time; “just about every day”.

Unfortunately the kitten squirmed out of their grasp, biting a few people in the scuffle (they were appropriately gloved) and then ran back to the drain scupper. Holland grabbed the wiley cat, this time holding on and not letting go.

The saviors placed the cat in the experienced hands of a nearby rescue in Perryville, Chesapeake Feline Association. They are an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3), no-kill feline rescue organization and would take care of the kitten the way it should have been treated from the start of it’s short life.

Photo: Facebook Chesapeake Feline Association; Thomas J after a good bath and medication; still weary of his surroundings though a snuggly teddy bear may help!


Immediately upon seeing the battered kitten, Association President Dawn Cowhey knew he was suffering. From the extent of the physical injuries she suspects that instead of hitting water when he was thrown, he landed on the concrete next to the river. But the estimated 9-week old kitten is a fighter!

They named the young boy Thomas J., in respect to the memorial bridge where he was saved. The shelter just wishes people would choose to surrender their animals instead of tossing them away like trash. Despite the number of animals flooding shelters, death should not be the “go-to” for any animals.

Photo: Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge by Bill Lawson


Keeping their supportive Facebook followers updated, that afternoon shelter staff shared that Thomas J’s x-rays showed nothing broken, but he had plenty of bruises and scrapes causing him pain. He was also full of worms and not eating. Medications were administered and he went to a foster home to be monitored and showered with the love he needs.

With most strays, ferals or cats subjected to abuse they need to find a patient, gentle and willing fur-ever home to show them the opposite of the terrors they faced.

If you’re interested in adopting Thomas J., you can go to the rescue’s website, to fill out an application.

Remember to report any animal abuses you witness and spay/neuter your pets! 

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