Kitten Rescued After Being Trapped In Car For Days At Airport!

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Trapped inside an SUV for days with no food or water, a young kitten was finally rescued by the Port Authority Police Emergency Service Unit.


The owner of the car is a Delta Airlines employee who said he had the best of intentions when he pulled the stray kitten off the streets on Saturday, July 7th. This rescue on a whim meant he had none of the proper “cat trapping” supplies with him, no transport container, box or cage. His plan was to take it to a local shelter but when he arrived, the kitten was no where to be found within the vehicle.

Photo: Port Authority PBA @PAPD911


He figured that the sneaky feline had jumped out of his SUV when he’d opened the door and wasn’t able to find it anywhere. Unfortunately he was on his way to work, which for him meant leaving the country and travelling to Thailand for a few days.

He parked the vehicle in the airport lot as he normally would and departed. As the days went by, passerbys walking through the lot spotted the tiny feline pacing back and forth on the dashboard. One person left this note on the vehicle:



Tuesday morning, as soon as the Port Authority officers were alerted of the trapped kitten, they were able to pop the lock and enter the vehicle. As many cat owners and trappers will know, the hardest part is usually getting hands on the squirmy cats.

The kitten eluded the police in the tight quarters for quite a while, hiding under a backseat up in the frame…likely the same sneaky spot she originally disappeared. Once the dedicated officers were able to grab her, they gave her some food and water and took the little girl to the Animal Care Center of NYC. Shelter workers named the little elusive girl, Miss Delta.


She has been given a thorough exam and appears to be in good health despite her ordeal. Investigations are ongoing whether there are any possibilities of animal abuse. When the worker returns to the country he will have to meet with investigators regarding his rescue story of the kitten before Miss Delta can be cleared for adoption.



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