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  • Kitten Jumps From Bridge Attempting To Avoid Rescuers!

    A young kitten was put in such a terrifying situation for a little soul, that he escaped the only way he saw out; jumping off a bridge! On the southern side of Tampa Bay, Florida, lies Manatee County. This coastal community is littered with waterways, canals and bridges, creating breathtaking views that attract thousands of […] More

  • Black Kitten Carelessly Tossed Off Bridge Rescued Just In Time

    A young black cat was thoughtlessly tossed off a bridge from a moving vehicle Monday. While upsettingly the criminals were not apprehended, four heroic men joined forces to rescue the poor animal. Perryville, Maryland lies along the Susquehanna River and just off the I-95 interstate making it an accessible location for heinous humans whose goal […] More