Hate To Leave Your Furbaby? Here Are The Best Pet Cameras For Meownitoring Them

Watch over your fur-babies when you’re away – and much more!

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When you can’t be at home throughout the day, a pet camera can offer a handy solution. At a minimum, these products let you peek in at your pets to make sure everyone is doing well while you’re gone. Today’s latest pet cams go above and beyond with features that offer treats, games, interaction, and even aromatherapy. Check out these top options for monitoring and caring for your cat when you’re out of the house.

Pawbo+ Wi-Fi Interactive Pet Camera

When you can’t be home with your cat, the Pawbo+ is the next best thing. This pet camera comes with a built-in treat dispenser so you can offer special rewards from time to time, even when you’re not home in person to show your love. The camera also features a light-point function so you can have your kitty burn off some energy chasing the red dot. A 130-degree lens and 4x digital zoom provides a clear picture of your pet, while the two-way microphone and speaker will let you hear what’s going on and say hello when you check in.

Petzi Treat Cam

The wall-mounted Petzi Treat Cam is designed to give you easy viewing of your pet. With night vision capabilities, you can use this product to check on your animals any time. You can both see and speak to your pet, and the Petzi camera will dispense treats at your command. This camera also allows you to take pictures, so you can build your feline photo collection whether you’re home or away.

Petcube Play Interactive

The Petcube is a compact pet camera that’s packed with features. It offers a laser toy that will keep your cat entertained while you’re away as well as two-way audio so you can interact virtually. The sound and motion alerts are a unique feature that will give you extra peace of mind. The camera will alert you to both noises and movement in the vicinity while you’re away. With the associated app, you can instantly share pictures and videos to social media, so your friends and family will see more of your cat than ever before.

Feed and Go

If you need to feed your pet while you’re away, the Feed and Go is an ideal option. The device has six trays you can pre-fill with wet or dry food. Schedule feeding times to make sure your cat gets manageable portions throughout the day. The Feed and Go features a webcam so you can view your pets easily at any time.

PetChatz HD

Go above and beyond with your daytime pet care using the PetChatz HD. This camera includes a video chat function so your pet can both see and hear you. The device also provides aromatherapy for your furry friend and dispenses treats on command. For a pampered cat, this is the way to go.

If you want extra eyes at home, these pet cameras will help you monitor everyone’s activity, while providing some added perks that pets are sure to love while you’re gone.

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