NEW #CeilingCat Living In Shelter Reminds Us What The Internet Is Really For.

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You never know what is going to pop up on the internet these days…or apparently out of a ceiling !


That’s exactly what happened at the Animal Welfare League location in Australia.

Emma Campbell, a 21-year-old was shocked when her mothers friend shared the photos he took of the cat when visiting the shelter. Little did any of them know the photos would go viral!

Memes are popping up all over the world of the latest snooping cat.

Photo: Twitter @potatobanjo


“Multiple people quote tweeting this with Ceiling Cat references which is great because that sorta era was the last time the internet was great”, Emma Tweet to her following.

She’s referencing the original #CeilingCat meme that was just about the biggest thing on the internet back in 2006. Ceiling Cat even ended up in the Urban Dictionary!

Photo: Original #CeilingCat photo spawning a revolution of memes.


Little is know about this new “celebricat“, but workers at the shelter are sure to leave food out for the mysterious feline each night. A few have been able to pet the cat but it disappears if more is attempted.

Perhaps this genius kitty knows that each time it’s hungry, all it has to do is poke it’s head out of the “food hole”?

Twitter followers were happy to share their experiences of crazy cat hiding places, never ceasing to amaze.

If you’re a feral cat hiding out in someone’s ceiling, evidently the lesson here is to make sure it’s in an animal friendly abode and prepare for stardom!


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