Two AMEOWzing Mother Cats Nurse A Total of 14 Kittens From Different Litters!

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Meet Daffodil and Juniper; the ultimate mother cats!

Juniper came to Stray Cat Strut Rescue Project last year, a pregnant mom needing a safe place to give birth. She was very close to her due date, which was estimated as March 10th, 2017.

Photo: Stray Cat Strut: Juniper

Only two days before Juniper was due, the team received a call from their veterinary clinic.

They had a mother cat, named Daffodil, who came in as a stray and had given birth that morning. She had five healthy kittens; Aster, Dandelion, Dahlia, Violet, and Lilac. Daffodil and her bouquet came to join Stray Cat that same day.

Photo: Stray Cat Strut; Daffodil

Local rescue groups and vets know Stray Cat Struts mission well and trust pregnant and new mama cats will be in the best hands under their care.  

Photo: Stray Cat Struts Mission

Three days after Daffodils family arrived, Juniper went into labor. But 24 hours later there were still no kittens! On her second night, they brought the veterinarian to her. At the time, it was decided if there were no kittens by noon the next day, she would receive a cesarean section. Dedicated rescuers stayed up with her through the night, waiting anxiously.

At 6:00 am the volunteers took a break to get some sleep to prepare for the next day. Of course, when they returned an hour later, she had three kittens; Chamomile, Laurel, and Thistle. Within two hours, she had two more; Dill and Nettle.

Photos: Stray Cat Strut; 3 of the 11 adorable new babies under their care.

After one and a half days of Daffodil and Juniper mothering side by side in their cat condos, they began to take interest in each other’s kittens.

Cautiously, they let them meet and they began to co-mother their collective eleven kittens lovingly!

Photo: Stray Cat Strut; Team “MOM”

That evening, they received another urgent call for help! A good samaritan had found 3 newborn kittens whose mother had been hit by a car. Knowing the new moms had reacted well to their combo-litters, they introduced these three kittens, Lotus, Lily, and Fennel to Juniper and Daffodil. They immediately took them on as if they were their own. *Swoon*

Photo: Stray Cat Strut; Snuggle Pile!

Juniper and Daffodil collectively raised all fourteen kittens as if they were their own.

All of their kittens have since been adopted to wonderful homes where they are thriving. 

Photo: Stray Cat Strut; All tuckered out
Photo: Stray Cat Strut; Kitten Playtime

Juniper and Daffodil are still available for adoption. They are now a bonded pair and spend their days cleaning each other and helping care for other kittens while they wait for their forever home, where they can deservingly retire from motherhood.

Photos: Stray Cat Strut; Moms Daffodil and Juniper


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