Rescued Cat Found With Arrow In His Back; Slowly Learns To Love Again

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There are some things you experience in the world of animal rescue that never stop being shocking. Being told there is a cat found with an ARROW IN IT’S BACK in need of saving is one of those moments!

In early February, that’s exactly what rescuers at St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in Tampa, FL were contacted about.

Locals had seen a ginger and white cat with an arrow sticking out from it’s back wandering around for 5 days! There was also another wound on one ear, likely from a 2nd arrow. Halfheartedly, someone pulled the arrow from the feline, but neglected to seek any medical treatment or help the cat further.

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue


When rescue workers learned of the poor suffering feline, they immediately set out to trap him. On February 8th, “Sir Robin” was finally caught, preventing a tragic ending to his tale.

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

Unfortunately, the puncture wound from which the arrow was pulled, was extremely infected. He also had two upper canines broken and infected, with the nerves exposed from an additional unknown trauma. To top it off, he was covered in fleas and ear mites!

Thankfully the boy was now in safe hands. He was given pain medication and antibiotics right away, beginning the costly recovery process. Being a foster-based rescue organization, St. Francis relies solely on donations but knew Sir Robin needed their help…no matter the cost.

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

After multiple vet visits over the next days, Sir Robin was able to get a bit of healing rest, off of the streets and out of danger. The big boy was obviously weary of humans and unsure if he was truly safe in his new surroundings.

On day three of his new life, he hesitantly but successfully took his deworming medication and antibiotics without too much complaint. His wounds were being inspected and cleaned by attentive volunteers 3 times a day.

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

Rescuers knew any feistiness meant he was feeling better and shared his progress on their Facebook page.

This morning, we had a disagreement about his wound care. I won and gave him a nice bowl of food for his reward of being a good little patient! But he continues to give me the stink eye from the back of his crate!”

Dr. Bob Encinosa and the staff of Boyette Animal Hospital were providing Sir Robin with wonderful follow up care and they expected a full recovery. The doctor felt the two broken canine teeth could wait to be treated until he had been neutered. Sadly they were an old injury from his difficult life on the streets.

While Sir Robin was recovering, an investigation into the incident had been opened. Sadly, the offender was not identified but the neighborhood homeowners where he was found remain on vigilant watch to this day.

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue


After a week of living indoors, Sir Robin finally accepted that his new life came with perks. A full bowl of food, fresh water and a safe, warm and dry place to sleep were always available. Not to mention the cat treats and catnip! His foster mom, Kim Long, also learned some things about the expressive boy.

He informed me that he has no tolerance for the stuffed bunny I put in his crate to snuggle with. Big tough guys apparently don’t snuggle with fuzzy stuffed animals.”

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue


March 1st brought a new month and a new furever home for Sir Robin.

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue
Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

A few days later, his new family sent an update to St. Francis and his foster mom, from Sir Robin himself.

Dear Mom,

I really miss you, but I am trying to be a good “soldier boy”. The food is plentiful and really yummy and I clean my plate every time. This new lady feeds me 4-5 times a day. I am drinking water, using the litter box, and getting a lot of rest and quiet. I still don’t understand “blankets”, soft bedding, and I prefer simply the carpet. I know I let this new lady pet me a little on Thursday night when I got here but no more for now. She says it is fine, and says she is very patient, and loves me no matter what.

I swat hard, scratch, try to bite but I think she knows that in less than a month I have been through a battle, and have had all kinds of humans doing all kinds of things to me on every part of my body. Needles, shots, yucky tasting medicine? Stuff on my skin, I got ” tootered”!!! I’ve had so many ‘justments that I am awfully grumpy, but these 2 ladies said when I wake up on the wrong side of the floor I am still loved and I still matter.

I haven’t been in my carrier, I don’t want anything to do with the new box, I have been laying in different areas of the room but when she tries to touch or move the blanket so I can lay on it I let her know that I don’t like it at all. So she doesn’t force it. These pics were the only time I have ever been on any part of the blanket. I think I might have PTSD?? I am a wounded warrior but with time I will find my way.

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

UPDATE On Sir Robin’s New Adventures

It’s been a few months since St. Francis took in big guy, Sir Robin. The poor guy suffered, yet survived, for over a week with an arrow stuck into his back.

Happily he found a wonderful family to adopt and love him unconditionally. Here is an update from his forever family.

A message from Robin’s mom:

He really could not be doing better! He is SO bonded to my mother. He is like her shadow and sleeps next to her. He is like Velcro on her legs as he just rubs back and forth and in and out.

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

He is however, terrified of anyone except us. I have to work on this with him. He has a way to go but considering it has only been 3 months, he has come a long way. He is slowly assimilating with the other cats. Cookie ( the white cat) is going to be his first friend I think. But Robin really tries to be a friend and tries not to be pushy……Much love to you!!!”

Photo: St. Francis Society Animal Rescue – Sir Robin and Cookie

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  1. I can not understand how some people can be so heartless and jury any creature
    They need to realize that their cruelty will come back to them one day. Cats are among the loyal Angel’s on this Earth.

  2. My hasty is sad at the BRUTAL and INHUMANE treatment of Sir Robin. I pray that those who hurt him will be brought to justice so they cannot hurt another animal. I, too, rescued an abandoned cat 13 years ago but he wasn’t noticeably abused. I pray for a long and blessed life for Sir Robin.

  3. God Bless You,for giving rhis baby a wonderful home.HOW DO HUMANS DO THESE THINGS TO ANIMALS,AND OTHER HUMANS? I have 2 rescue dogs,and would probably go to prison,if someone lays a hand on them.

  4. Thank you for this inspiring story, though wounded and gone through a lot of trials as humans we can also be as strong as Sir robin,
    Miss my cat habagat, hope he is doing fine wherever he is right now
    He got lost almost 2 yrs now
    And I hope and pray that he has a family to show his love and affection

  5. I strongly agree! The heartless that continue to be cruel and kill or injure these wonderful animals can burn in hell. I have 4 rescued and they are the most precious creatures on this earth jasmine my 4 year old is my precious little Angel and she sleeps with me. She loves her human mama

  6. The sadistic idiot that did this deserves the same… arrow or 2 in his/her body left to get infected causing sepsis……i have no patience for this cruelty. Thank you to the wonderful people who found him, took care of him, nursed him back to health, and the family that gave him a home. Kudos to you.

  7. I don’t understand in this day and time how Horrible some people can be towards innocent animals to bring them such pain and torment. I am for one glad there to see there are still people willing to step up and care for our little injured and suffering animal friends. Thank you for this heartfelt and wonderful story!

  8. What a beautiful,happy story ending for Sir Robin.God bless everyone who helped him.One can only hope the cretin who did this suffers too.An eye for an eye is my policy!!!

  9. Bless all of you for saving his life & giving him love. I can not imagine what this poor cat went through. Please get that evil monster off the streets he doesn’t belong walking on this earth. May he be caught very soon. The best to all of you! Bless you all!!

  10. I’ve been an Independant animal rescuer for over 30yrs. And in that time I’ve seen so much abuse with animals. The main problem is that the laws dealing with animals ,in a lot of States, are not STRICT enough for the ANIMAL ABUSERS! Some people don’t recognize the value of an animal, when it becomes part of your family.
    Getting an animal is a responsibility that is a life time commitment! The majority of the poor creatures that are on the streets today, were at 1 time household pets. For whatever reason , these poor creatures were cast out, thrown into the abusive, dirty, & crazy environment of the streets. People who get a thrill out of hurting & abusing animals, should be given strict prison sentences.A person who hurts an animal, will in a matter of time, have NO PROBLEM hurting another person. Most serial killers start off hurting Animals.
    This is the reason I’ve spent 30yrs. saving & rescuing animals. They love unconditionally, & ask for Nothing in return, except for a warm place to sleep, food & someone to love them! In return, you receive an Amazing love bug & companion.

  11. Am so glad that there are people left on this world of ours that care for cats and other animals. I have personally found that animals are a lot more faithful and trustworthy than humans.
    Why not take people like the jerk that shot Robin and those “so-called scientists;” criminals on death row, or those that should be on death row, and “EXPERIMENT ON THEM. GIVE THEM A DOSE OF THE MEDICINE THEY HAVE GIVEN OUT DURI G THEIR WASTED LIVES. SAVE THE ANIMALS. OK, so I sound rabid. So sorry. I am 75 years old and have seen man’s cruelty to man and animals. It’s time to change.
    God Bless Robin and his Furever Family and the veterinary staff and friends who helped to keep Robin alive.

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