Three Little Rockstar Kittens Abandoned and Saved In One Day

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By Layla Morgan Wilde

On the night of April 6th, while scrolling through Facebook, Shell, a rescue volunteer came across an urgent post regarding bottle baby kittens left abandoned on the doorstep a veterinary clinic’s office after-hours. She leapt into action in the middle of the night to rescue them when no other rescue group was available.

Kitten season is in full swing and every rescue group and shelter is over-flowing with kittens. The resources at most shelters are limited for neo-natal kittens which require bottle-feeding every 2-3 hours and rely on foster kitten providers. Three out of four kittens dropped off a shelters are euthanized.

These three kitten brothers got very lucky. No one knows how or why their mother abandoned them. There is usually a good reason like illness, injury or death. The three very different looking babies were hungry, cold, flea-ridden, and ill with an upper respiratory infection. The scruffy, white kitten was in dire condition and rescued in the nick of time.

After a week of loving round the clock care, the three little kittens are now called the “rockstar kittens” named after BB King, Marley (Bob Marley), and Elvis. King is a solid gray domestic short hair. Elvis looks part Siamese while Marley’s wild, curly coat has unknown origins. It will be interesting to see how his Devon Rex type fur will evolve in time.

The kittens are flea-free and the upper URI infection has cleared. King and Elvis are bonded and into the playful explore stage while little Marley is at least a week behind developmentally. He still has one goopy eye and is being treated for ear mites. The critical issues are over and all three boys are progressing well and have good appetites.

The rockstars will be available for adoption within weeks via To stay up to date, follow them on Instagram @bbmhrescue or Facebook.

Shell's daughter, Avril, helped out at our Saturday PetSmart adoption event by bottle feeding kittens, King and Elvis. Bottle baby kittens require feeding every 2-3 hours by volunteers. Thanks to Avril for her hard work and dedication to help these bottle babies have a second chance on life. Three orphaned kittens were found abandoned on the doorstep of a vet's office. They were hungry, cold, has fleas, and sick with an upper respiratory infection. Shell was made aware of the kittens and drove to pick them up. The kittens are now "rockstars" with their names of BB King, Marley, and Elvis. Learn more about our cat rescue online at It is kitten season and the kittens keep coming! Donations are always appreciated to help us continue our work in saving feline lives! #kitten #kittens #catrescue #kittenseason #bottlebaby #bottlebabies #bottlefeeding

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Shell’s young daughter, Avril, pitched in with bottle feeding and kitten care. She helped out a PetSmart pet adoption event last weekend. It’s never too soon to learn about the joys of being a cat rescue volunteer and learning about responsible cat ownership. Please spay/neuter early. Kitten rescue resources via Alley Allies.

Baby Bobby’s Meow House is a 501(c)3 non-profit mission (rescue not shelter) is to rescue and adopt out treatable animals in the greater Temecula area in Riverside County, CA. They hold regular adoption events at PetSmart located at 32413 Temecula Parkway, Temecula, CA 92592.

~Layla Morgan Wilde is a cat expert, advocate, author and founder of Cat Wisdom 101. She has over 20 years experience in cat rescue. Read Cole’s story and other amazing black cat stories in her award-winning nonprofit book Black Cats Tell All:True Tales And Inspiring Images. Available on Amazon. Follow Layla on Facebook or Instagram @catwisdom101 and her black cat community @blackcatsofIG

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