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  • Three Little Rockstar Kittens Abandoned and Saved In One Day

    By Layla Morgan Wilde On the night of April 6th, while scrolling through Facebook, Shell, a rescue volunteer came across an urgent post regarding bottle baby kittens left abandoned on the doorstep a veterinary clinic’s office after-hours. She leapt into action in the middle of the night to rescue them when no other rescue group […] More

  • 5 Fab Ways Friday the 13th is Lucky For These Black Cats

    by Layla Morgan Wilde Friday the 13th may conjure up thoughts of bad luck, from walking under a ladder, breaking mirror, or crossing paths with a black cat, but it doesn’t have to. As nonsensical as all superstitions are, they remain ingrained, with 70% of people being superstitious about something. Let’s give black cats a […] More

  • Blind Live-in Movie Theater Cat and Twenty-Pound Rescue Cat See All

    by Layla Morgan Wilde Long before cat cafes, cats have provided entertainment on and off the screen. Meet Genny, the blind wondercat, the latest resident theater cat who steals the show at the Cinema Theater in Rochester, NY. Born with no eyes, Genny has no trouble surveying her domain and demands the best seat in […] More