Top 5 Toys Your Cat Will Love

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Most cat parents know the frustration of excitedly buying a toy their furry family member rejects. Many of us have a stash of toys that couldn’t sustain the interest of our curious kitties. We know they love to play, but finding the toys that strike a chord with them has always proved challenging … until now. These five terrific toys should get your cat’s stamp of approval.

Laser Pointers Engage Hunting Instincts

Cats are natural hunters who enjoy few things more than the thrill of the chase. Laser pointers play on this killer instinct, giving felines an elusive target to chase for as long as you’re willing to play. Since you’ll control the laser pointer, this toy gives you a great opportunity to playfully interact with your cat. As an added bonus, if you have toddlers in the house, they’ll also love trying to catch the laser dot!

Feather Wands and Toys Are Fun to Catch

Feather wands and other feathery toys are another great option for appealing to your cat’s love of hunting. Unlike laser pointers, your cat can also catch these toys!

Cats adore these feathery toys because they remind them of the birds they’d love to catch outdoors. Feather wands are probably the best option, as you can jiggle the feather lure around to provide a little challenge. Other feather toys aren’t as realistic for cats, but they can still be fun for solo play.

Cat Tunnels Give Them a Place to Hide

Cats love playing hide and seek much like human children do. They find it difficult to resist the lure of an empty box, a shopping bag, or another place to hide away. Cat tunnels satisfy this need, giving cats places to hide and play away from prying eyes. Some nervous cats use these tunnels to gain confidence, but even the most self-assured cat is likely to have fun in a tunnel. Soft-sided tunnels can easily be folded up and put away once playtime is over.

Catnip Toys Provide a Natural High

If your cat is one of the 50 to 70 percent of cats that go crazy for catnip, add a catnip toy to your collection. Catnip gives cats a natural high, stimulating them and even making them appear a little drunk. Catnip isn’t addictive, and the effects are short-lived, so giving your cat a catnip toy is completely safe. The catnip in toys isn’t very potent, and its effects will wear off over time. Replace your catnip toys regularly to keep your kitty interested.

Balls With Bells Suit Solo Play

A simple ball with a bell inside can keep a cat amused for ages. The jingling sound these balls make as the bell moves is very satisfying for cats. They love being able to bat them around to make the sound and will happily chase them around the room. For maximum fun, set the ball down on a flat surface, like a hardwood or tiled floor, so the ball can roll freely.

Don’t waste your money on the latest cat toy craze. These proven toys are popular with kitties across the globe.

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