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5 Easy Steps To Creating Your Own Cat Tree

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Do you wish that you had someplace for your furry friend to climb, but you can’t afford to spend a few hundred dollars on a cat tree? Don’t worry; you can create your own in a few easy steps! The best part is that you can tailor the cat tree to your feline friend’s personal preferences, creating something he or she will love for years! Let’s get started…

Gather the Materials

Some people assemble parts for their cat trees based on what they have around their homes, while others seek out specific materials. Some materials you may need include study wood boards, piping or plastic tubing, wooden rods for support, Sisal rope, nails, and screws. Depending on the design of your tree, you will likely need to review additional materials.

Whatever materials you choose, make sure your cat tree is sturdy. Cats might be small, but they jump with force and could knock over the tower if it’s too lightweight.

Consider the Height of Your Cat Tree

As you design the blueprints for your cat tree, consider how high you want it to be. Some cat trees almost reach the ceiling, allowing kitties to get a bird’s-eye view of the home. However, other cat trees are more like shrubs and spread wide across an area, with different activities on each level.

Your blueprint will help you create a realistic plan with the materials you have and the space within your home or apartment.

Cover Any Sharp Edges or Rough Surfaces

Cat trees are typically covered in fabric that cats can scratch, rub on, and climb on. Try to look for thick covers that are also comfortable. You can also cover your cat tree in rope and scratching material to create a responsible outlet for sharpening claws.

Make sure to cover any sharp corners, nails, screws, and other potentially dangerous spots on the cat tree. This could prevent blisters or a nasty cut.

Add Cushions for Kitty to Relax On

Not only is your cat tree a place for exploring, climbing, and scratching, it’s also a high place for your cat to rest. Pick up a couple of cat beds or comfortable cushions and attach them to the platforms. You can place one near the top of the tree and one on a lower level.

Some cats want to be high up, while others don’t mind napping closer to the ground.

Place a Few Strategic Cat Toys

The final touches are the cat toys the kitties can play with while they climb the cat tree. You might dangle a plush mouse from one of the levels so they can bat at it, or you can attach a catnip fish to another platform that they can rub against or roll over.

This added enrichment will keep your cats interested in the tree and continually exploring to discover what else might be hidden in the branches!

There are plenty of plans and tutorials online you can check out. See which ones work best for your feline friends. In the meantime, check out Cole and Marmalade as they explore their cat tree and even have cat battles on it!

We’re gonna need a bigger cat tree!

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