Still No Clues As To Whose Cat Was Found Perched On San Francisco Bridge Ledge

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It was Tuesday evening during rush hour on the San Francisco Bay Bridge when something unusual was spotted. A woman had called Animal Control when she saw a cat from the window of her apartment near the bridge’s 1st Street on-ramp. A scared black and white cat was simply perched on the ledge, wearing a harness and leash! Likely shocked frozen with terror, the feline clearly didn’t want to be there. But with only inches in which to balance, the cats focus seemed to be NOT falling into the water 100’s of feet below! Cars whizzed by, challenging the poor cats resolve and strength.

Photo: @SFACC

But it remained perched and steadfast, not knowing TEAMS of rescuers were rushing to it’s aid. 

So as the tuxie huddled down in fear, it’s saviors assembled. 

Animal Care & Control Officers Sgt. Kent and Officer Sherwood rushed to the aid of the stranded cat. California Highway Patrol were on scene to control the “lookey-loo’s” and help corral the scared feline should it attempt to run. And Caltrans District 4, the California Department of Transportation, were there to lend a paw as well. 

The fact that the cat was wearing a harness and leash was a positive and a negative.

It meant that there was a way to ideally grab the animal safely. And if things went “south”, they would be able to hold onto the leash.

But that also meant that this cat may have been dumped there.

Someone had loved their pet enough to safely put them in a harness and leash. So was this an escaped pet that had found themselves in a VERY compromising position? Or had they been deemed “disposable” and tossed over the side of the bridge? 

As luck would have it, if that was the case, the harness had stuck on debris on the bridge wall! Purrhaps this kitty has someone looking out for them?!

Because it provided to be just enough slack that the cat could sit safely perched along the busy highway!

Easing up to the scared cat, the two AC officers armed themselves with a net and nerves of steel. While one held tight to the leash, the other scooped the startled cat up in the net. And with that, the cat was safely in their care.

Photo: @SFACC

They rushed it to the veterinarian, where they discovered no microchip. The cat is an approximately 6-year-old black and white colored male, simply and elegantly classified as a “Tuxedo cat”. Thankfully he was unharmed physically from the incident. Mentally, we hope he can “jump back up on that cat tree” very soon. 

They named him Tenzing, in honor of the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, one of the first people to reach the top of Mount Everest in 1953.

Image: Edmund Hillary (L) and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay (R), the first humans to reach the 29,035-foot summit

So the hunt for Tenzing’s “owners” is now underway.

He is in the care of the San Francisco Animal Care while the search continues. 

Please help spread the word so we can find out how Tenzing ended up perched on that ledge! 

Anyone who recognizes the cat — black with some white on his face and paws — call animal control at 415-554-6364.

“We would ask some questions, certainly; we’re really curious how the cat got there,” an AC spokesperson said. “We would love for the owner to come forward and identify themselves.”

Photo: @SFACC

After the appropriate waiting period, if no one steps forward to claim ownership of him, Tenzing will be put up for adoption. And I don’t think it would take the sweet daredevil long to find someone to love him…safely indoors too.

Because followers and supporters on the @SanFranciscoACC Facebook page are already lining up at a shot to give him some well deserved snuggles! We’ll be sure to keep an eye out on his story. 

Photo: @CHP


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