Kitten Jumps From Bridge Attempting To Avoid Rescuers!

A young kitten was put in such a terrifying situation for a little soul, that he escaped the only way he saw out; jumping off a bridge!


On the southern side of Tampa Bay, Florida, lies Manatee County. This coastal community is littered with waterways, canals and bridges, creating breathtaking views that attract thousands of visitors a year. But on the Manatee Avenue Bridge on Monday afternoon, one tiny visitor shouldn’t have been there.

A woman noticed a small kitten running alone dangerously along the bridge during rush hour traffic. She attempted to catch the frightened feline, but was shocked when it jumped off the bridge to avoid her. Immediately calling 911, dispatchers sent West Manatee Fire & Rescue officers to the scene.

Photo: Facebook – Manatee County, FL

Rescue crews were deployed to search the water, fearing the worst. Luckily they discovered the kitten clinging to a pipe under the bridge! They were able to grab the drenched and scared kitten safely.

They are unsure how the fragile 7-week old boy ended up in the dangerous spot, but sadly suspect that he was dumped from a vehicle. Fortunately the kitten wasn’t suffering from any injuries but was given IV fluids at a local veterinarian office and monitored overnight.


He made it through he night with flying colors and a full recovery is expected!

Even more wonderful, the woman who had spotted the kitten has a background in kitten rescue. As soon as the fur-baby is released from doctors care, he has a new fur-ever home with her. <3

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  1. YAY ! THANK GOD , JESUS , and HOLY SPIRIT that the Furbaby has a home to go to !!! GOD , JESUS , and HOLY SPIRIT BLESS this Lady ❤️❤️❤️???

  2. They have a EXTRA hot cirner ,in HELL for people who dump
    defenseless animals on bridges and roadways???

  3. I strongly agree with nia. Hope the person or persons who do this tu tiny defenseless little kitties rot and burn in extrahot flames of hell.
    Thank you so much for the kindness and caring rescue lady for givi g this sweet little angel a home. God bless you miss for saving him

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