These Three Ginger Disney Princess Kittens Are Sure To Reign Supreme

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During the full moon on October 1st this year, three very precious little souls joined this world. While these fluffy ginger kittens are about as adorable as they come, they’re also females! Which in the world of felines, only happens about 33% of the time. So for their sweet mama to birth an entire litter of gorgeous ginger girls is unbelievable. And what better monikers than princess names for the three unique babes?

Meet the princess kittens; Anastasia, Ariel and Aurora, born to mama Avril. 

The newborns and mama were found on the streets and brought to the rescue organization LittleV&Friends Animal Rescue in Melbourne, Australia. They were only a few weeks old but luckily wouldn’t be homeless any longer. Right away, their loyal new subjects and foster mama Siobhan Krenn began doting on them.

Now settled into their temporary home with foster carer Siobhan. Our mama and her babies will spend the next few weeks here until they have grown and are ready for adoption. Our carer will be monitoring the kittens growth with daily weigh ins. Mama cat has been placed on a high quality kitten diet to ensure that she has the energy to produce milk and care for her litter of kits.

Mama Avril turned out to be an amazing matriarch! Even though I have NO clue how she could tell her princesses apart. Thankfully in the foster world there are options for that. So these ladies were given their first “jewelry”. If you are worried about the breakaway collars, there are also options to color the inside of their ear with a little dot too.

But for the life of a princess, you do what you want. And these girls do it with a natural grace and beauty. 

Fostering the family until they are old enough to be adopted out has been nothing but a delight for Siobhan. Because when you are this photogenic, the most difficult thing is likely putting down the camera!
Mama Avril is completely dedicated to her girls. Which just makes for even more beautiful and heartwarming photos of the triplets. 

AVRIL has proven to be a fantastic mother, and loves to purr to sooth her babies to sleep.

Sleepy Aurora
The girls are filling out into their fluff…sort of. Because the fluff goes for days!!! 
Our triplet of ginger kittens AURORA, ARIEL and ANASTASIA are 3 weeks of age (*not these photos) and just beginning to show their individual personalities and exhibit playing and grooming behaviours. So sweet!

Soon the princess triplets…AND mama…will be ready to find their furever kingdoms and purrsonal subjects. 

The followers and supporters of LittleV& Friends are anxiously awaiting the adoption announcements for the girls. And I can only IMAGINE how many applications are going to flood in for all 4 felines! But they still have a few weeks to go, so until then we watch their fluffy faces with admiration.

And Anastasia, Ariel and Aurora don’t seem to be bothered by the pawparrazi constantly snapping pics. But when you are born with that “it” factor, it seems to be a welcome occurrence.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on their royal highnesses to see who is lucky enough to win their favor! 

Photos @littlevandfriends / Siobhan Krenn


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