Solo Survivor Of Four Abandoned “Box Kittens” Is Recovering Well At Montana Animal Clinic

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Once again, a helpless litter of four kittens was abandoned on the side of the road in a cardboard box. This time the heartless act was discovered in Helena, Montana, but sadly too late for some of the kittens. Not only is the abandonment of fragile young souls devastating, three of the four were deceased when finally found. And the solo survivor, a little female, was barely clinging on to life.


But that solo survivor must have had 3 little fur-angels looking out for her. 

Because as they lie on the side of the road in the 80 degree temperatures, her life force was only a tiny flicker.

The kitten was suffering, and “unable to lift her head from severe dehydration and hypoglycemia. Her heart rate was very low, and her temperature was too low to measure. But after three days of intensive treatment, she is doing much better.”

Dr. Heidi Wampler is the owner of Alpine Animal Clinic, where the kittens were originally brought by their rescuer.


The woman who discovered the cardboard box, later told the clinic that: 

She worried more what might be if she drove on without checking what is inside. It only takes a moment to care, after all.

That one moment is what saved this little kittens life. What none of them knew was how grateful she would be when she could finally express her gratitude.


It would take a few days for the solo surviving kitten to regain her strength though. 

And from what the photos shared on the Alpine Animal Clinic’s Facebook page show, she’s not going to stop thanking them anytime soon!

Photo: @alpineanimalclinichelena

Word reached the local news station, KTVH in Helena, who were thrilled to share the happy news on the survivor. They rightly reminded everyone that this tragedy NEVER had to occur. 

“In her case, she’s going to get an opportunity to get a home, but in the case of her three littermates, they died a horrible death in a box on the side of the road,” Wampler told KTVH. “That’s unacceptable for anyone, I would think.”


The young kitten is about 5-6 weeks of age, which is personally my FAVORITE kitten age. They are just learning to run and play without falling over–as much. Eyes may be changing from blue to their permanent color. And although they lose their little potato bellies, cute kittens learning to “cat” is a miracle to witness.

“She’s kind of a little nugget of love and joy,” Wampler said. “She’s been so much fun. She really likes attention.”

Photo: @alpineanimalclinichelena

With that, the little girl was named Nugget. 

Alpine Animal Clinic introduced her sweetness to their Facebook supporters on August 30th, 2019. 

We’re calling her Nugget as she is a tiny nugget of love, purring, and cuddling. But we have to wonder at the soul who would do such a heartless, cruel thing?


We cannot save every little life generated by the overwhelming accidental litters created in our area, but we can share the information that if your pet is not spayed or neutered already, please schedule that appointment TODAY, before more accidental babies are created.

Kindness and compassion are important, and we have to work together. Consider a humane and kind option should you find yourself faced with pets you cannot care for, including spaying and neutering.

If you would like to meet Miss Nugget, be prepared for power-purring, assertive cuddling, and a friend who loves you forever. Call 449-7155. We ask anyone who adopts to ensure they’re committed to fully vaccinating and spaying.


Thank you to everyone involved in giving this solo survivor Nugget an opportunity at life and love.

But remember….spaying and neutering your pets is how we stop the cycle of unwanted kitties! 


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