Adoption Update: Fluffy Kittens Luna And Soleil Welcomed Into A Very Special California Family

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It was only a short time ago we first learned of two fluffy little kittens in Arizona at Bottle Baby Fosters. Happily, Luna and her sister Soleil were using their striking features to help bring attention to their rescuers. As well as the millions of needy animals across the country who aren’t as lucky as they were.

But now, gorgeous Luna and Soleil have been adopted and are off on a new adventure! 

It wasn’t surprising that these two stunning felines were scooped up quickly. Not only do they have all fur for days, they are as sweet as can be. 

And happily, they were adopted TOGETHER so the rest of their lives can be spent in each others company. Their adopters actually live in California and can to pick up their new furkids from Melinda Blain in Phoenix, AZ. The family would be headed back to Cali where even more surprises awaited for the new duo.

It was October 10th when the new parents met the girls. 

These babies have had been in foster care since they were five day old orphans and they’ve grown up so beautifully and floofy. They’re going to have amazing lives in California with all of their new animal buddies and the most thoughtful cat parents.

Couldn’t be more excited to see their happily ever after. Adoption day is my favorite time, because without it, everything that goes into these kittens would be 100% selfish and I would have a house full of 100 cats.

The kittens were absolutely wonderful during their car ride, in typical Luna and Soleil form. Apparently they are big fans of the window hammock and snoozed peacefully. I’m certain passerby’s who caught a glimpse of the girls did a double take at their cuteness! I would have anyways.

But once they get to their new home, there’s something even more exciting waiting for them! Actually, it’s another 4 things.

Because they don’t just get to stay together in this life, Luna and Soleil gained 4 furry brother and sisters! 

The girls were welcomed into the home of the Instagram account for @sixlittlebeasts.

Welcome to our page! 🐾 Six little beasts, six times the trouble. 🔥Yasu, Eunha, Biyu, Daiyu, Soleil, Luna. ✌🏼

All of our little beasts were adopted in pairs to make sure they had the best transition and a forever sibling. We’d have it no other way! So happy to hear about your kitties and the great lives you’ve given them! 😽❤️

Meet Yasu and Eunha.

Eunha and Yasu

Yasu and Eunha were the first little beasts to join our home, siblings from the same litter. 💞 Their parents were strays at Disneyland that got trapped together on accident. The foster mom ended up naming the parents Belle and Gaston. Which is funny because all of the kittens ended up looking just like their father except for Eunha.

Gaston is an all black long haired kitty with bright green eyes and Belle is a beautiful Siamese kitty. Belle and Gaston are living their best lives on a farm now, spayed/neutered and keeping mice population under control. Every kitty, feral or tame, deserves their happy ending. 🎡💫

And the Siamese twins, Biyu and her sister, Daiyu. 

Biyu and Daiyu

They were rescued from the streets and super shy when they first came home. Biyu’s hobbies include climbing on her cat tree, nibbling noses and placing her giant mitts gently on your face. And hissing whenever daddy catches her off guard.

“I just tore a patch of carpet out, took the seal off our door, and removed the Antarctic Ocean from my mom’s world map. Next mission: shoelaces.” 😈 – Daiyu the Destroyer

So now Luna and Soleil have found their forever home…and quite the special home at that! But they’ll never stop promoting what saved their lives. Because without it, their journey would never have begun. 

Be sure to follow them on Instagram!

Photos by Melinda Blain/@BottleBabyFosters and @sixlittlebeasts


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