Woman Researches Birth Defect So She Can Adopt Bonded Pair Of Special Needs Kittens

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For many people, the thought of caring for special needs animals is quite daunting. The additional care and attention they require is not something everyone can maintain. But for those kittens born with birth defects or overcoming tragedy, they deserve nothing less than others. With the amount of research online, case studies and everyday success stories, more and more people are open to caring for these souls. It can take a bit longer to find the purrfect human, but it’s worth the wait. So when 2 kittens showed signs of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, rescuers knew they would need to find the perfect adopter.

Photo courtesy of Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

The kittens tale began as too many others do.

Their stray mama cat was found and rescued from life on the streets. Unfortunately by the time she made it to safety, she was already pregnant. Happens daily all over the world. She had her litter of kittens but for two of the neonates, life threw them a curve ball. 

The two ginger babies were born with Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia, sometimes called “wobbly kittens”. Veterinarians speculated at what could have caused this. They figured the mama was either given a vaccine, or exposed to a kitty virus, while the kittens were in womb. It’s also believed that if a pregnant kitty is given a flea and tick prevention it can lead to this birth defect. There are numerous possible causes, but fortunately it isn’t a death sentence!

Photo courtesy of Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

What exactly is Cerebellar Hypoplasia though? 

Luckily now-a-days, there are whole websites with info on the condition, such as

Feline cerebellar hypoplasia is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that results in walking and balance problems. A kitten is born with “CH” when her cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls fine motor skills and coordination, is underdeveloped at birth.

Consequently, an underdeveloped cerebellum can result in underdeveloped or complicated mobility. CH cats are known for their “drunken sailor” walk, which is why they’re known endearingly as “wobbly cats.”

Photo courtesy of Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

The severity of a kitten’s CH can vary greatly — even among litter mates. While some cats may only have a slightly impacted gait, others may have significant trouble getting around, if they’re able to walk at all. It’s important to remember that the cat isn’t sick, weak or hurt; she’s simply uncoordinated.

Out of the litter, these were the only two showing any symptoms. Their fosterer contacted Purrfect Cat Rescue, Inc. located in Crystal Lake, IL. The two were welcomed into their foster program where they’d eventually be up for adoption. They had no troubles snuggling into their new temporary home.

So as their 7 month birthday rolled around, special needs kittens Weebles and Belle made themselves comfortable at the shelter. 

The sweet siblings easily won over the hearts of the staff, volunteers and visitors. They are absolutely a bonded pair and are always close to the other. It seems an easy task getting cute photos of them cuddling. What wouldn’t be easy, was finding a loving human who would welcome the duo into their life.

Photo: Facebook Sheryl

Caring for the CH kittens would require some specific things to ensure their safety and highest quality of life. Fortunately Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc. knew exactly what they needed. 

They can live a long healthy life, but will live their life with this handicap. Their new owners will just need to do make some adjustments to help the kitty adapt to everyday life. Litter boxes with cut-out entrances and exits, elevated food and water dishes, and homes with carpet make for easier lives.

Photo: Facebook Sheryl

While Weebles and Belle were racing around as best they could with the other residents, amazing things were underway. One woman named Sheryl had seen these cute faces and it had sparked something inside her heart. 

She hadn’t cared for CH kittens before but wanted to research the condition. Their little faces were pulling at her heartstrings but she knew they’d have special needs. And she was ready to take on the challenge of caring for them…BOTH!

Photo courtesy of Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

On April 19th, 2019, Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc. shared an amazing update about the kittens born with special needs. 

Sheryl had read up on Cerebellar Hypoplasia and found that she was ready for the challenge. There was nothing that was going to keep the ginger kittens from a long, happy life–with her! 

We had a very special adoption tonight❤️. Congrats to Weebles and Belle on their forever home! These 7 month old kittens are wobblers… born with a neurological disorder, they simply wobble and fall. They are the most precious babies full of love and life.

Photo: Facebook Sheryl

Their new mama fell in love, did some research on caring for these kitties, and ask if she could adopt them. Our hearts are just bursting with happiness. It takes a special someone and they have her! Thank you for giving them the home they deserve!???

Is there anything more adorable than the big smile on Sheryl’s face with her new kittens!?

Photo courtesy of Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc.

So Weebles and Belle were off to their new forever home, where they would also have another sibling kitty.

I’d say Sheryl’s sphynx cat doesn’t seem to be the type to be bothered about a new brother and sister!

So I am happy to say these 2 are fitting into my family without as much as a hiccup. Asti (my sphynx) is having supervised visitation. They are all getting along great. Just had our Easter family get together, everyone is wiped out!

Photo: Facebook Sheryl

These days, Weebles and Belle can be frequently found indulging in their favorite past time–snuggling.

Photo: Facebook Sheryl

If you would like to donate to Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc., please visit their Amazon Wishlist HERE to see what the furbabies need. CONGRATS to Sheryl’s family, Weebles and Belle and everyone involved on another successful cat rescue. Special thanks to Sheryl for being brave and diving into the knowledge to help these amazing special needs kittens. The world needs more people like her! <3 


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