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Scabies Covered Cat At Car Wash Colony, Rescued And Cleaned Up; Now Jango Is Mesmerizing

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For those that happen to come across the social media account of one sleek black house panther named Jango, they’re in for a wonderful tale. Better known as on Instagram, this gorgeously mesmerizing cat began his life as a stray. A stray with such a severe case of mange, that he was essentially blinded.

But when he was finally rescued from a local car wash colony, Jango opened his eyes to a brand new life.

It was Cat Man Chris [Poole] that took up the mission to pull him from the streets of Tampa. At a local car wash, he discovered an entire colony of black cats. Although they were being fed by the workers at the business, they knew they needed more than food. The worst danger was the busy 4 lane road just in front of the location. It would be a hotbed of activity for cat rescues in Chris’s future too. 

So he began the process of feeding the cats and getting them used to him. Right away he noticed something different about one of the felines. It was sitting alone and the others were avoiding it, breaking his heart. When Chris noticed the mange covering the feline, he knew this would be difficult.

He was tricky to catch because he couldn’t see that well. And at night, he was staying huddled up because it was cold. He wasn’t that hungry, so traps didn’t work and I had to resort to netting him the next morning.

Getting him off the streets and starting medical care for him was the highest priority though. With the help of a local fosterer @aubree.rescues.animals, he was treated for the severe mange. All it takes is a dedicated caregiver to bathe and provide medication and mange is an easily treated issue. 

So when his transformation began and his eyes opened, they were all treated to his gorgeous orange peepers! Only now, they were full of love and trust after the pain and terror was washed away.

And wouldn’t you know it, Jango came out of his shell in more ways than one.

It took the help of one special friend who he could relate to. Once he was cleared of mange, Jango went to stay at the foster home of Tabatha and @rescuelogan!

Here, and with Logan by his side, Jango began to thrive. The once stray and sickly cat had transformed into a social, confident and loving housecat. That’s what it’s all about…well the FIRST step anyways. 

Because Jango needed to find his forever home. His brave feline friend had shown him what the good life entails, AND Logan’s fanbase helped Jango do just that. Chris created a video for his YouTube channel to share the rescue story too.

On June 25th, 2019 Chris was happy to share some good news on his Facebook page. 

Happy Tails! ❀ Jango was adopted by the purr-fect couple and he’s settling in very well to his new home…

Waking up with mom and her coffee
Jango sunbathing with no cares in the world…how it should be!

Jango had found his forever home, but his newly found fanbase was also welcomed into their lives. 

He was given access to a wonderful home with a huge screened in patio and even a pool! Not that cats get as excited about that as humans. But he also gained two brothers, Snoopy and Sunny!

Sunny and Snoops

They have a kitty lanai!

And that is when his Facebook and Instagram profiles were created to the delight of many. To get to witness a once stray and mange crusted cat turn into a squirmy house panther begging to be pet is a glorious thing. Although he’s adamant about keeping a bit of his wild instinctual beastie-ness alive!
It also earned him the August spot in the Cat Man Chris 2020 calendar!

Thankfully these transformations happen all the time!

When one person decided that the feral cat sitting on the side of the road isn’t just a nuisance. When a team of rescuers each do a small part to help an animal on their way to a new life. And when we all watch the heartwarming transition into them becoming someone’s companion. I only hope this helps each of us remember to not judge anyone or anything by their appearance. We could all use more compassion in the world. 

He lays down and ignores me when its time to come in. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸΎπŸ₯°πŸŒžπŸŒ΄πŸ¦πŸΎ#heignoresme #lanailife #outdoorsy #myboy…

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