Rescue Logan, Werewolf Cat: Happy To “Paw It Furward” To Needy Foster Felines – WITH VIDEOS!

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After being discovered on the streets, Logan’s rescue story was shared all over the world. People were shocked that a “werewolf cat” was just roaming the streets alone. He was rescued, taken into foster care and eventually adopted by his amazing foster mom, Tabatha Norton. But what of all the other less “unique” felines that need to be saved? Everyday, kittens and cats are rescued from the streets of Tampa, but what of their stories?! St. Francis Society Animal Rescue and their foster families do all they can for these needy felines. So when Logan began showing interest in helping, mom Tabatha was happy to oblige her special boy. Now Logan is happy to “Paw It Furward” by showing these scared cats how to relax, socialize and most of all (apparently), how to stay clean!

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan ~ Silly Logan

Following Rescue Logan on social media, you will be treated to numerous foster felines being loved on by his new “Paw It Furward” mentality! 

Maybe it all stems from being SO happy now in his furever home? He’s safe, warm and finally healed from his many extensive health issues. But more importantly, he is loved. And that love that he’s been showered with has utterly transformed him.

Once living the painful street life, Logan had to learn how to trust and how to “cat”. He didn’t really know how to play–and we don’t know if he ever even got to! But now….


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I am absolutely elated to see Logan blossom so much in the last few days! Every day he makes such progress and I am so happy as grateful! 

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And did ANYONE expect a smile like this to appear on the face of this boy?! No teeth, no worries here!

Transforming this once believed “wild cat” was not an easy task. But with Tabatha’s patience, Logan has finally settled into his new, and comfy, reality.

By May, he’d conquered a plethora of issues! 

HIS BLOODWORK CAME BACK NORMAL!!! NO more high globulins and proteins! No more high neutrophils and white blood cell count! His source of infection (teeth/ gums and feline herpes virus flare up due to chronic pain and stress) has been treated and the infection is now gone!

We can’t even put in words how ecstatic we are about this news!!! This has been such a long journey!

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan ~ The FIRST time Logan took a “lap nap” on Tabatha

So for three other felines in desperate need of help, Logan was happy to “Paw It Furward” and assist in their transformations. 

The first “tail” I want to share, is about Flurry who was rescued in April 2019.

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan – Little Flurry

Flurry is a gorgeous Siamese Lilac Point little girl who JUST celebrated her first birthday. But boy, what a year she’s had! 

Flurry was taken into the county pound. She was set to be spayed and put back outside to live her life on the streets of Tampa. The person who brought her to the shelter noted she had not been eating and appeared skinny. St Francis knew this kitty needed treatment & would be much safer and happier in an indoor home.

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan – Little Flurry

Flurry’s story is sadly, not uncommon.

With limited space at shelters, if cats aren’t euthanized due to minimal issues, they are simply tossed back outside? So sad to think about. Thankfully, Flurry’s fate had something else for her! 

Even though she is new to the indoor life, and is learning that a home is a safe place where she can be happy and fed and not be in fear for her life any more. Flurry is enjoying exploring her foster home. She absolutely loves to be petted. If she is receiving pets, she will beg for more even rising onto her back feet, purring & head butting!

Flurry has her entire life ahead of her. She is a dainty thing & is not a fan of really rough play from children or other cats, however she does love other cats! She gets more confident as she spends more time indoors.

And by early June, Flurry was adopted and is happily continuing her new life with love and safety. She also has 3 Sphinx brothers and sisters to play with!  

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan – Those eyes on Flurry!!! <3

Another fortunate feline of Logan’s new mission, Landlord Bob, certainly has quite the story himself! 

Bob is literally one of those souls that fate shines upon during life’s darkest moments. But from what we do know of his previous life, fate was LONG overdue to smile upon him. (His purrsonal story coming soon!)

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan – Tabatha and Landlord Bob the day he joined her foster home

Bob was wandering the streets of Valrico and happened to wander right through the door of one of our foster homes @Andrea Budkis Christian!

Photo courtesy of St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

It turns out this deaf senior had been adopted from the county pound and then new owners were allowing him to be indoor/outdoor. We found out that Bob was adopted with some medical issues that had not been taken care of, so his owners decided it would be best to surrender him to St Francis so that he could get his medical issues taken care of and so that he could find a safe, indoor home.

Photo: Facebook @urgentcatsoftampabay

Bob is extremely skinny (they named him BOB because he looks like a Bag of Bones).

So we are trying to help him gain some healthy weight. He is very affectionate and talkative. He is so gentle.

One of his favorite things to do is sit in the window and look outside at the trees blowing and the birds flying. Do you have it in your heart to help give a loving senior cat his real “forever” home? If so please contact

Photo courtesy of St. Francis Society Animal Rescue

Landlord Bob and Logan took an extra second to initially “meet and greet” each other, but a budding friendship blossomed soon after. Bob will remain in Tabatha–and Logan’s–care until he is medically cleared. With their support though, we can’t imagine this sweet cat will be without his forever home for long!

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan ~ Logan meets Landlord Bob

Logan refused to give up on this third sweet cat, and was able to “Paw It Furward” twice now! 

Black beauty Jango, was trapped by Cat Man Chris, dad to Cole and Marmalade, back in January 2019. (Yes, this story is in the works as well and is a roller-coaster of emotions too!)

Jango was one of many cats living behind a nearby car wash. There is a small wooded area there where a colony of almost ALL black cats lived.

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan – Jango

The now gorgeous, sleek black panther was covered in a thick, crusty mange.

He was very scared and hid, trained that street life is a wary existence. But with the help of another St. Francis foster, Aubree Bennett, his mange cleared up. Moving into Tabatha’s foster home near the end of March and with Logan’s help learning to cat, things changed quickly.

When they first got me, they thought at first that I was really shy, but now, everyone knows that’s not true. I had just been so used to trying to stay alive on the streets that loud scary noises made me want to hide. Now  I know what a safe home feels like.

I LOVE to be petted, cuddle under the blanket with you, sit on your lap and purr and purr and then purr some more! I’m definitely a LAP CAT! I am still learning to play with toys, because I had never seen those before.

I love other friendly, laid back cats too! If you already have one, great! They could show me the ropes!

With their love, Jango was quickly adopted. However, at no fault of his own, he was tearfully returned about 3 months later. Tabatha and Logan were quick to heal his broken heart as best they could. But he deserved his own family–and not long after he returned, he was adopted AGAIN! I can’t wait to write his story! =)

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan ~No one messes with you when your best friend is a werewolf! HAHA

Without the team effort–human and feline alike–cats and kittens like these delicate souls wouldn’t be with us today. 

Thank you so very much to Tabatha Norton @RescueLogan, Andrea Budkis Christian @turtlecatfoster, Aubree Bennett, Cat Man Chris and St. Francis Society Animal Rescue for saving these sweet cats. Be sure to follow them all on social media for many more lifesaving “tails” like these!

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan ~ Team Logan

Tabatha tells me that Logan was her first foster “fail” and that she’s waiting on the Cole and Marmalade family to find her next one! =) On it, Tabatha!!! Be careful what you wish for!

*What do YOU think the stories of Landlord Bob and Jango will reveal?!

Photo courtesy of Tabatha Norton / @RescueLogan


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