Surrendered Together At 21 Years Of Age, These Two Bonded Brother Cats Now Have A New Home

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There were no details provided by the accepting shelter about just why these two senior black cats were surrendered at 21 years old. All that was noted is that “were signed over to be rehomed as they were not coping with family life.” So after however long they lived in their home, something had changed, “through no fault of their own”. 

And that meant that these two brothers, after 21 years, found themselves sitting in a shelter…homeless. 

These sweet boys are also believed to be the oldest living pair of feline brothers in the United Kingdom! Apparently even seniority doesn’t help at times. But thankfully, they were taken to the RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch, in Brixworth.

Meet Leon and Nikita.

It’s a good thing the were brought in too. Because poor Nikita’s fur was so matted they had to shave him upon their arrival. But boy, that had to feel good!

But at 21 years old, these seniors were in relatively healthy shape, physically and mentally. 

Once they were examined however, and the bloodwork came back, they discovered Nikita is suffering from hyperthyroidism.

He will need blood tests over the next few weeks/months at our vet’s to check how he is responding to medication. 

Now for those of you who are familiar with black cats, you know they are the last to be adopted in shelters. Seniors cats have an even harder time competing with cute, fluffy kittens. Special needs cats that require medication daily is not something everyone can do. Nor that every cat allows.


And on top of ALL that, these two are bonded. Meaning that they have to stay together for the mental and physical health of them both. 

Not an easy task for a shelter to attempt to locate an adopter to fit those requirements. So they launched a media push. They knew that the last thing a cat needs to deal with at 21 years of age is to live their lives out in a shelter. 

When the news of the brothers hit the airwaves, it garnered more response than they ever expected. 

Leon and Nikita are an affectionate pair who enjoy chin tickles and human company. They are looking for a quiet home with no children. The branch will offer support post-adoption while Nikita’s condition is stabilizing so we are looking for a home within Northamptonshire.

If you think you can offer these special boys the retirement home they need, please get in touch!

They received more than a hundred applications for the senior duo! Something they truly never expected. 

Only a short time later, the two have reportedly found a local home to live out the remainder of their long lives. There is no information on the duo’s new human servants but after their ordeal, the two need to retire in peace.


What their 21 years of life has done now though, is inspire the shelter to create a fund in their honor. 

This is a wonderful idea for the shelter to focus on. Hopefully those hundreds of applicants will open their hearts and homes to other “difficult to adopt” animals. They have YEARS of love to give still! 

We've made the news! 📰Our gorgeous boys Leon & Nikita have been popular this week after making the BBC news – so much…

Posted by RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch on Tuesday, October 13, 2020


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