Handsome Little Abandoned Cowboy Kitten Just Looking For A Posse

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Less than a week ago, a new little chap joined the foster home of @beth_loves.the.littles. Only 11 days old at the time, the adorable little tuxedo kitten quickly won over everyone who laid eyes upon him. His splotchy black and white fur pattern resembled a cow, eventually earning him the name “Cowboy”. And so far, his life had been quite the ride!

Because this little cowboy was found abandoned by his mother, scared and alone in a barn.

His eyes were just beginning to open, the milestone usually reached around 2 weeks of age. But already, he was showing more signs of being a bucking bronco versus a suave rodeo man.

He’s a squirmer. I’m hoping once I get to love on him for a while he’ll relax. No official name yet, needs to start with C. Leaning towards Cowboy. Seeing how he looks like a cow and is a boy 🤣😂

I don’t know if he’s admitting he’s guilty of something, because he’s got the “hands in the air partner!” pose down pat! Guilty of being utterly adorable is right.

Beth’s home is the perfect place to wrangle in his cuteness too. As she is one of the rare fosters that specializes in singleton kittens.

What do you get though when you can focus on just a few special cases? “Aww” worthy photos like this. 
When I reached out to the new rescue I work with I told them I just do singleton bottle babies so that’s what I get 😊 there’s other fosters for litters and older cats. Not a lot will do the feedings every 1-3hrs.
Someone posted about finding a kitten on a local fb group. Said if no one took it they were going to drop it at the pound. Figured our pound wouldn’t do much with it and figured I’d give it a shot. @mr_tiny_pants now rules our house and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Reached out to a rescue after that.
Ended up with @the_kitten_guinness and a handful of other neonates from that rescue (couldn’t keep anymore). Wasn’t fond of that rescue so went on the hunt for a better one and found the amazing one I’m with now. You just have to find a willing teacher!

Only a couple of days later, and this little Cowboy viewed his temporary homestead for the first time.

His adventures have only gotten more and more wild with each passing day! 

Took my human kids to a pumpkin patch today with friends. 2 hr drive each way plus time there meant 🤠 Cowboy 🤠had to come along. He did so good! I have a carrier for him but had to get him out for a pumpkin pic and selfie when we did the corn maze 🤣🤣

Once he conquered those wildlands, Cowboy’s new confidence exploded from beneath his moo-velously fluffy coat. Clearly his WANTED poster is going to go viral. 

Cowboy working on his “how to get adopted quickly” posing 😂😂

It looks like it’s going to be easy for Beth to round-up a furever family for little Cowboy. 

And he’s clearly not afraid to climb up in the saddle for a little human snuggles. Which really makes the early morning feedings all the more worth it. 

2:45am feedings. Y’all please excuse my bed head, no makeup, looks like I have 4 chins video 😂 this is what I do with him after every feeding, no matter what time it is. 😊 then he proceeds to kiss me back…or try to eat my face, haven’t figured out which it really is yet 😉🤣 got a great pic of it but I’ll post tomorrow lol! ♥️

You can join Beth’s posse and follow her foster kittens here on Instagram.



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