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One Angry Little Owl Finds His Happy Hoot Again In Foster Care

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Owl’s story began on the set of a horror movie. Literally. The barn that this spicy little black kitten was found at is next to where the movie franchise “The Ring” was filmed. So one can only imagine what spooky things the felines have seen there! But the supernatural aside, this frightened kitten named Owl, needed to know the world isn’t that scary.

However, even when Owl found the perfect foster home…teaching a feral fluff ball to not be scared wasn’t easy.

Thankfully, it was something his foster mom Ashley Morrison, a.k.a. The Youngest Old Cat Lady, refused to give up on.

It was on July 12th, 2020 that Ashley spent her morning “rummaging around an attic looking for kittens of course!” During an ongoing TNR project, she had received word that the property next to it had a mama and kittens in the barn. 

There is NOTHING that would get me in a creepy attic alone until you mention kittens 😂🤣

After rummaging through some insulation, I finally found some of the babies. The hissy one in the back ran off and it took me another 30 minutes to find him hiding under more insulation. I trapped the all black one in the last photo I posted using a kitten trap. I’ll show you how I trapped mom next!

Once the furry stowaways were tucked safely into carriers, they were off a their new lives. Mama would be fixed and returned to the barn. But then the property owners informed Ashley that little Owl had been found elsewhere! 

Poor Owl. He is clearly not related to the others.

I asked the farm owner and they said he was found alone crying, so they put him where the mom could find him but Oreo came and took him for herself LOL She was like “it’s fine. I’ll raise this one too”.

We aren’t sure what happened to the other mom. But that means we have another female out there who is most likely pregnant again. We will get them all in time.

Owl wasn’t as pleased with how his day had turned out as the humans were though. 

His developing personality was different than the others and it was very clear he hadn’t been with them long. Ashley knew she had to make sure he was socialized properly to avoid issues later in life that plague singleton kittens. These are solo kittens who don’t learn the proper interaction and limits because they do not have other cats to “learn” with/from.

Owl is very grumpy. He is getting lots of cuddles (though he isn’t a fan) and he is eating out of my hand. Baby steps.

She refused to give up but Owl was NOT making it easy.

Little Owl really regressed once I let him be with his siblings, so we are now in a completely different room by himself. If I want him to be able to be socialized and to find a loving indoor home, I will try whatever it takes to help him understand. Not being able to hide behind siblings, and only have me as a friend will hopefully make him come out of his shell.

And yes. I am aware he’s the cutest wittle baby even when really scared.

But the moments seemed to be short lived, even once he learned to play. It seemed like Owl wasn’t going to abide by anyone’s rules! 

Owl has made so much progress. I’m so proud of him! And Cheddar purrs away as usual lol

Posted by Youngest Old Cat Lady on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

“I do what I want”

Even though he tried his best to keep up his tough persona, eventually Owl’s hard outer shell cracked.

Do you hear it? HE PURRED. The first time since getting here 😻

Posted by Youngest Old Cat Lady on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

This was also due in part to one little friend that bonded closely with the feisty house panther.

His name was Hoot and he was one of the others trapped that day. Once they were indoors, Hoot earned his name by always wanting to be near Owl.

So now Owl had a cat bestie to comfort him and the two could grow and learn together. Except, there may be a bit of defiance in Hoot too…

My friend and I are sitting on the couch when I said “wait…. is Hoot peeing in that food dish?!”Yes. Yes he was. There’s a little food dish in the bottom I mix the cat tree for some reason.

Posted by Youngest Old Cat Lady on Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Each day Ashley would give extra snuggles and attention to Owl to instill more trust in the tiny kitten. This is the most important thing in socialization…CONSISTENCY. And she knows you can’t ever slack. 

Owl is still very grumbling when I first come in. Once I sit down and let him come to me, we establish that I am safe and he relaxes. Watch the video to see him playing, running and getting told off by my cats lol

Don’t let his cute bootie fool you. He still spicy 🌶 Basically whenever I approach he hisses, then if I pet him he’s purring and happy. He just can’t make up his mind lol

Posted by Youngest Old Cat Lady on Thursday, August 6, 2020


Hoot stopped peeing in the food dish and learned how to be a purr-oper gentleman too. You just can’t be upset with those little faces. Pretty sure Ashley teaches them that too!

Ashley playing with SnapChat app

As the weeks went by, it was time for Owl and Hoot to be fixed and put up for adoption.

As a foster parent, when you see two of your “furkids” bond and help each other thrive, it’s hard to see them separated when adopted. Luckily, Ashley’s social media followers refused to let that happen.

Hoot and Owl love being together but there are some things to keep in mind. Hoot will be your bestie. He loves to be pet, cuddle, play, etc. Owl does want to play, with you and Hoot, BUT he will also hiss and run away.
He will lounge on the couch next to me but from a safe distance. Being that he was rescued at around 10 weeks of age, he has some natural instincts that may leave a lasting impression on his behavior. Though I do think with time, getting to know you and patience he will be willing to lay on your lap for some snuggles. I can usually walk right up to him and pet him and he purrs.
He’s like a tiny house panther with an attitude. He even comes upstairs at night to sleep under my bed. He likes to be near me, on his own terms.

And on August 15th, Ashley undertook what may be one of her most difficult adoptions yet…

Tonight’s adoption was a tough one. I’ve grown so close to this group of kittens as they spend most of the day with me in the living room. Owl and Hoot will have such a wonderful life with their new parents and I am so thrilled for them. Their new names will be Jonesy and Reilly. (Who gets the reference??) I think they are adorable.

It’s always hard to say goodbye, especially when you have a kitten like Owl who needed so much extra attention and love to get him to the point of being socialized and able to be adopted. But imagine how fulfilling it is when you take scared kittens from an attic, and find them loving homes. It’s priceless. I will be posting some videos of Hoot and Owl and the gang on YouTube over the next few days. Happy life boys! ❤️

Be sure to follow Owl and Hoot, now Jonesy and Reilly on Instagram, for more of their adorable faces. 

And don’t forget to follow The Youngest Old Kitten Lady and her rotating cycle of swoon worthy rescue transformations. 

All photos/video courtesy of Ashley Morrison / The Youngest Old Kitten Lady


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