Jasper May Have No Hair Or Eyes, But He Didn’t Begin Life That Way. And It Hasn’t Stopped Him One Bit!

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It wasn’t too long ago that Jasper was a normal hairless, one-eyed rescue cat. Yes, you read that right. Although actually, I’ve crossed paths with many more sight-challenged felines than the hairless Sphynx breed. Regardless, they are all beautiful and brave beyond measure.

Because Jasper, this sweet senior cat was born with two, completely functioning eyes.

Now some people are drawn to the hairless felines in their own right. And for Jasper’s mom Kelli, she had long dreamed of being owned by a Sphynx. So about a decade ago, her friends surprised her with the purrfect Christmas gift.

It was none other than Jasper, or Jazzy, the sweet 2-year-old rescued cat of her dreams! 

(SIDENOTE: Pets do NOT make good gifts in every situation. AND just because he is hairless, doesn’t mean he’s hypoallergenic for those with allergies! Research.)

All was well and he was your average adolescent feline. But then after a few years, he was diagnosed with FHV, or the Feline Herpes Virus. It is also very common in cats and managed easily however. A bit of a sniffly nose wasn’t going to lessen their love for him.

Feline herpesvirus (FHV) is a highly contagious virus that mainly causes acute upper respiratory infections (URIs) in cats, although it has been associated with some other diseases also.

For Jasper, he sadly wasn’t given an easy treatment path to follow because his FHV eventually turned into corneal ulcers.

And in November of 2013, his right eye became so infected, the only option was removal. There was no way to save it.

Remember though, he would be like THOUSANDS of felines who maneuver through the world as one-eye cats! They adapt to the vision impairment with shocking dexterity and confidence with the right owners.

So Kelli began the daily monitoring of her precious cat as he learned his way around the home. Her brave boy surprised her with his confidence exploring and continuing loving attitude.

It was when Jasper developed another ulcer in his left eye in September 2018, he became the rare inspiration you see before you. 

No offense Jazzy!

His family couldn’t believe it when they received the second prognosis. He hadn’t responded to the treatments and was in severe pain. There was no other option AGAIN for the wrinkled wingman. 

But this time, they knew that he held within him a fighting spirit like no other. And they would be by his side every step of the way.

Well, maybe not EVERY step!

Kelli knew that she had something special in Jasper, and started an Instagram page for him in March 2019. To everyone’s delight, they were able to follow along with his amazing story and remaining nine lives.

He LOVES his papa and apparently head butting is his form of affection…skull on skull action.

But no cat would be considered normal if they didn’t do outlandish and hilarious things.

The test of their love was not finished yet, because in April of 2019, he suffered a mild stroke.

Animal parents know when something is “off” with their furkids. And when Kelli found Jasper walking in circles, she immediately contacted her vet. For the next week, his possible ear infection turned into the heartbreaking stroke outcome. Other than that, he was still extremely healthy thankfully! It may seem like an odd thing to say, but when addressed right away, there can be no lasting damage.

So yet again, Jasper went about the task of relearning to balance along with all the other daily challenges he faces.

And he is still facing them with a sweetness that can be felt from the depths of his eye sockets….soul? Both!

While Jasper is still living his best life, he gave his humans another scare recently. 

Let me preface this by reminding everyone again that poor Jasper was a rescue cat.

Baths are a requirement for Sphynx cats — luckily post surgery, Jasper is enjoying spa day much more

They come with the same issues as all cats but more often have come from inbreeding and contaminated environments. And with “designer breeds” that are rescued, my head immediately goes to genetic defects lying in wait.

Jazzy had to have another tooth pulled and this time he was having some serious clotting issues. His favorite blanket now looks like a crime scene. We honestly weren’t sure if he was going to make it through the night or if he was going to have a big scary underlying issue.

But he is feeling better and as long as Jazzy stares these challenges directly in the face and overcomes them, so will Kelli!

We couldn’t be more happy with the news!

With what Jasper has gone through and what he’s successfully overcome, I have no doubt his legacy will live on. Honestly, if the Grim Reaper came face to face with him, I wouldn’t imagine it would be Jazzy shaking in his boots.

Be sure to show him on some love on social media and send his dedicated humans some pawsitive vibes if you can. There were SO many more cute photos I didn’t get to add!


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